Jeez, I feel dumb... what color do I have? (sorry, no pic)

  1. I just bought my first B-bag at Barney's NY over the weekend. My SA was NO help and was such a snob that I almost asked for a different SA to ring me up. She insisted that the color was just called BROWN. I asked repeatedely what the official color name was and she didn't quite get what i was saying. Anyway, it IS brown, I guess a chocolate brown, and it's a City. They did have what I'd call a caramel-brown as well (loved it but they didn't have it in the City) and my color is definitely darker. I don't really see any undertones in it (no red, gold, green, etc.).

    Can anyone help a clueless girl? What might I look for on the tag or accompanying cards? I don't see anything that indicates color but I think it's Truffle?

    I'll try to take a pic soon. Thanks!
  2. awww, glimmer, it's too bad the SA was no help at all, especially when you bought such an expensive bag!!

    please take pics and post them here, that'll help. Also, look at the metal tag. What is the letter printed after the numbers? This will indicate the season.
  3. Thanks, Redney...yeah, the more I think about it, the more I want to return the bag out of spite!

    Okay, the numbers read:
    N 4069 W

    Does that help?
  4. Must be the Truffle - post pics, love to see her. Congrats!
  5. Yeah, sounds like the truffle!
  6. ^^^:yes: yep, sounds like the Truffle! Congrats!!! Can't wait to see your pics!!

    The letter on the tag indicates season. You can read all about everything Balenciaga bags on this website - created by our very own PFer LouiseyPeasey.

    Looks like Bal skipped using "X" on the the W would indicate F/W 2006. :smile:

    bbags experts...any knowledge of why there's no X?
  7. OH! Silly me... the receipt does say:

    I didn't notice that "TRUF" at the end. So that would be Truffle, right? My bad.

    Cal, I will!
  8. Thanks again, Redney--and ByMimi!

    Now to decide if I really love the color. It was kind of a spontaneous purchase. Kind of boring for my first (and possibly only *waits for laughter*) B-bag!
  9. sounds like truffle to me.

    ack, you already know that... why am i so slow today?!? :noggin:
  10. don't forget to post pic wearing that bag... will love to see that on you :yahoo: