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  1. Anyone collect jeans or was from Authentic Forum? Sadly it's dead over there:sad: I have slowed down on denim hunting, but I still do love the pairs I have and there's still some pairs I would love to still find.
  2. hi... i was there maybe 4-5 years ago just to browse authentic finds... was looking for maternity denim then and after delivering also stayed for a couple months to look for rock and republic , SFAM as well as Citizens for humanity authentic finds... that was such a helpful forum and modelling pics and fit tips from owners were really great...
    you can start posing your denim knowledge here ... sure, i shall follow...;)
  3. yeah i used to, and also honest forum (way way back lol). i just kind of moved on from jeans (and i think a lot of the ladies moved on to here too).
  4. Cool, I'm glad there's a place here I can chat about jeans once in awhile!
  5. Yeah, I haven't been actively looking for jeans anymore but I still love them. Purses are a close second, but I have to limit myself to getting obsessed about them due to their price;)
  6. Purses and jeans are my two addictions.
    After being a fan of Diesel, I have discovered J Brand , same price but so much more comfortable.
    I currently have 3 pairs of 811 skinnies (in Pure, Heritage and Dark Vintage) one pair of 912 (in Dark Vintage) and I have just ordered another pair in Ink.
    They are expensive in Europe, more than 200 euros, but.....I always buy them on sale.
  7. Resurrecting this thread for any denim obsessive collectors!
  8. I wear jeans 360+ days a year and I own somewhere between 100/150 pairs of jeans. Nowadays I mostly wear AG and Mother jeans. My absolute favorites are AG Stevie ankle and Legging ankle from their AGed line.
  9. Since my previous post, I have discovered Paige!
    Great brand too!
  10. I am!! I loved authentic forum but then got hooked on bags and was over my jeans obsession.
  11. I have many jeans in several different sizes, unfortunately I go up and down in weight. Haven't found a perfect brand or model yet but like Rag and Bone, Levis,and even have some Target skinnies. Used to love Victoria's Secret jeans but I see they don't sell them any more. I probably have the most Rag and Bone, Levis, Kut from the Kloth. I too, wear jeans 360+ days a year.

    Looking for some higher rise boot cut that are skinny-ish in the leg. Any suggestions? Like to stay under $200 USD. The cheaper the better in fact.
  12. I used to love Paige denim when I first discovered them about 6 yrs ago I loved their fit and the quality was amazing..I moved on from them bc I think the quality isnt as good anymore and I dont like how they're using polyester in their fav brand now is Mother denim
  13. I used to be at authenticforum, too! As well as denimforum. I remember membership dues for that one. I still love denim. I still have a whole bunch of 7FAM before the company was sold. 7FAM used to have the best customer service. Any problems, they would replace them. I only had 1 pair out of many, many, many that I had to send back. I still like COH, Paige, & AG. I never could get into True Religions, too much going on on those pockets. I have added Rag & Bone & J Brand.
    I haven't noticed the polyester in Paige as much as I have with AG. Does it have anything to do with where these brands are sold?