Jeans With The Perfect Rise

  1. I have a fortune in jeans (7s, TR, Paige, Juicy, 1901, ect.) and seem to always end up with the ones that go half way down my butt when I lean over. I am a mom and I'm very active so this is not good. My last purchase was a pair of 7s that are more of a high waist but these are not the most flattering on me. What jeans are the best for this problem. I guess I'm a little curvy (big butt) and am a size 28 in jeans. Any suggestions??:confused1:
  2. Joe's Jeans the Muse. I am a mommy, wear a 29 and these are great. They have a higher rise so your rear doesn't show. I just found out I'm pregnant again and I don't know what jeans I will wear while preggo!

    Good luck and try the Joe's!! They are my fav's!
  3. Christopher Blue are nice. midrange between conservative and butt-showing ;o)
  4. Thanks so much, I will give them a try. Jeans are a great wardrobe staple for moms for sure. Very exciting that you are pregnant!
  5. Thanks for the Christopher Blue suggestion, Chessmont
  6. I'm a size 28 and swear by Paige Jeans. Paiges are so great I own about six pairs....get either the Hidden Hills or Rising Glen styles. They both have between 8 to 9 inch rises (much better and comfy than the 7" rises most low-risers now are), but still look like the "regular" jeans from behind - so you aren't sacrificing comfort for style. :smile:
  7. Thanks sailornep5. I have a few pair of Paige jeans but will check out the styles you mentioned. Great advice.
  8. Paige Hollywood Hills-still moderately low, but not too low. I have a long torso, and love them.
  9. heres another vote for Muse! I lloooovveeeee them--especially the pair I found on sale at Marshall's. I'm a 32/big but-ted person and they are the best jeans I have ever bought.
  10. When I can't find the perfect rise, I find the perfect tunic blouse, top, or sweater that gives me that secure coverage.
  11. This is what I do, too. I actually ended up buying a pair of Joe's last night, can't wait to get them.
  12. I am a Paige devotee. I will never buy another brand of jeans again. I have a pair of Laurel Canyons that I love, and they never show plumber's crack. They fit perfectly.
  13. Paige is also my favorite. I am also a size 28 mommy and they rock. I have about 6-8 pairs.
  14. I always wear a snug fitting camisole underneath all my tops. I find that this works well when I bend down. No pic-a-boos of any undesirable bits.
  15. Another vote for Paige Hollywood Hills. They fit well, and you will never have to worry about revealing your underwear when bending over.