Jeans with short inseam?

  1. Can anybody please provide recommendations for stylish jeans that have shorter inseams (approximately 30")? It seems as though all the cute jeans have 35" inseams which is waaaaay too long for me. :sad: Does anyone else have this problem? I've considered getting regular jeans and having them shortened but that will probably ruin the look of the jeans that have a faded/sandblasted wash or the ones that are bootcut/flared.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!
  2. There's a style of hemming that's called "original hem" that makes the jeans look like they were made that way (ie, especially for me)!

    A few girlfriends hem their own jeans this way, and I've done it for my jeans by hand (b/c I don't have a sewing machine) - works like a charm!

    A Google search on "original hem" has many hits, here's one of them: » How to Hem Jeans
  3. Just wanted to add that I need a similar inseam, and I've never found designer jeans that are the right length... I suspect they prefer to err on the longer side to accomodate the taller girls, since it's possible to make them shorter but impossible to make them longer...

    Also, I have a pair of Levi's 512 retro fits in petite size... they're the perfect length for me when I'm wearing flat!
  4. Thanks for posting that tutorial. Unfortunately, I don't know how to sew at all so I probably wouldn't be very successful at hemming my own jeans. I just don't understand why more brands aren't offering short/petite length jeans.
  5. You could get them professionally hemmed... the "original hem" way...
  6. I heard that Paige Denim comes in petiet now but I haven't seen them IRL yet. I personally like J Brand 10" skinny jeans. They're prefect length!
  7. Here are a few suggestions...

    1.Gap/ has lots of petite jeans.
    2.Paige denim- follow the threads, this is all the hype. I've seen them in full-length (which are awesome) but not the petites. Bloomingdales has a cute pair and so does
    3.Joe's- has a bunch. Search "petite." shipping and returns. You can't lose. Same thing.
    5.Lucky- lots of styles and lengths. Reasonably priced also.

    Yeah, it's hard to spend so much money to buy the full-length jeans, only to hem them. I have tons of pants/jeans that I bought and trimmed. The location of the break in the knee is important, which gets lost with adjusting the length. The look isn't lost... it just loses the "wow" factor.
  8. I take my jeans to the tailor's and ask for "original hem" ($15 rather than $10...where they just cut it)...and it looks perfect and fits wonderfully. Remember to wear the shoes you will wear with the jeans when you go to the tailor's so they measure you correctly.

    Petite is too short for me. I'm 5' 5 1/2" and need 31 or 32 inseam. This way works perfectly for the designer 35" inseam jeans.
  9. Yes, I'm 5'2" & I feel your pain.. I've had several of my COH jeans hemmed with the the original hem. BonnieC gave some good suggestions too. I'm back to wearing alot of Levi's as they fit great & have 3 inseam lengths usually. Being the average woman is 5'4" it IS irritating that more jeans aren't available in shorter lengths. Good luck!
  10. Paige Petites is not hype. I have a pair of them, if you want I will post a pic of the label :smile: They are just very difficult to find.
  11. diesel makes a 30" inseam. i'm short too and i just glue hem all my jeans.
  12. I believe Old Navy has jeans in short lengths too.
  13. I'm 5'3" and jeans are always too long on me too. I have them hemmed by a seamstress. I can't remember what it costs, but it's not terribly expensive, maybe $15 -ish. Our dry cleaners has a very good seamstress so it's convenient. I'd be careful, though, and be sure to find somebody you can trust to do a good job. I think hemming jeans is tricky.
  14. like many members have already stated, if you ask (or do yourself) for an original hem, the tailor will reattach the original hem back onto the jeans so that the look is still there. If you have a good tailor, you won't notice any difference.

    I dont really have any recs but since Paige is great, Paige petites must be heaven :smile:
  15. radcliffe jeans from the UK I believe, adjustable to be worn with heels, or with flats. they are sold at Barneys new york stores, not sure about online though. you can google them to find out more info.