Jeans Stretching

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  1. I was wondering if anyones jeans stretch after a few hours of wear?
  2. Jeans do stretch out, but how much depends on the fabric (is it 100% cotton - rigid, or is it a stretch blend?). You can also shrink jeans and they'll never be as big as they were when you first got them.

    It also depends on the actual brand of the jeans, but this can get so detailed very quickly!

    Depending on how I want a pair of jeans to wear (tight, or looser and more comfy?) sometimes I will go down a size so that when they stretch out they are still tight. However, this can be quite uncomfortable in the beginning. You can 'wet-stretch' - get the areas you want to stretch out wet, and wear it. It's not too much fun but gets the jeans stretched out a lot faster.
  3. It happens to me all the time.:sad:
  4. a lot of mine stretch out. if i buy ones that are too tight, then i damp stretch or use a waistband stretcher. bakertowne on ebay sells them for around $15 and they work magic :smile:
  5. i just posted this at another thread earlier, but i wore my A-pocket for the first time yesterday, it was snug in the morning, but within a couple of hours or so, it was lose! i will need to wash it and dry (for about 20 mins to lose the wrinkles) and hang dry after, then it'll be snug again....
  6. I find that 100% cotton jeans tend to grow throughout the day and can look a bit saggy in the bum....bleurgh! Most stretch jeans maintain their shape well
  7. Totally agree! 100% cotton always stretch beyond imagination.
  8. Yeah all of my jeans do that. Kind of annoying.
  9. well I've bought R&R jeans in size 23 that I could barely button up but it loosened up quite a bit during the day and are nicely snug on me now!