Jeans Stretch: Do you buy yours tight???

  1. Well we seem to have had some threads about jeans, so while we're on the topic . . .

    When you shop for jeans, do you buy the ones that fit perfectly in the store, or do you deliberately choose jeans that are too tight because they will stretch? I've been told by many SA's to buy them too tight but I just can't bring myself to do it because I hate the way they look and feel that way.

    So I always have jeans that are just a tiny bit too loose after I've been wearing them for a short time, but I guess I prefer having them a tiny bit too loose than too tight -- yet I keep thinking that there is a perfect pair out there if only I knew how to find them.

    What is your strategy for getting the right fit?
  2. I buy jeans that are tight but not too tight when i frist buy them, but then again i have over 3 pairs of jeans so i cant remember the state they or I was in at the time of purchase. the basic rule is if its tight to the point where you feel it (alot) or when you bend down the fly comes undone that too tight to buy, if it can sit comefortably without a belt and has firmness too it go with that size
  3. When I buy jeans, I buy them if they fit perfectly(when I go jean shopping I may try on about 20 pairs at a time).Also when I go jean shopping I make sure they not too tight on the waist,so when I bend down or sit down my stomach isnt poping out. I think the best fitting jeans are Juicy Couture,and Sacred Blue,and Citizen of Humanity!
  4. the best jeans that fit perfectly without feeling too tight is paige premium denim IMO. sevens are nice too. rock and republics stretch out pretty quickly also.
  5. I think you meant at least 30:roflmfao:

    I buy mine a bit tight. Not unreasonably so, but as you say, the SA's recommend it and mine really have always stretched to fit.
  6. yep, i buy them a little tight through the hips and butt, but not so much that i've had to stuff myself in to them. after about a half an hour, they're perfect
  7. I try to buy them tight because it seems like otherwise they stretch too much and end up baggy.
  8. Paige jeans stretch! It fit perfectly in the beginning but it stretched the more I used it. AArrgghh!!!
  9. A little snug is OK at first if they have stretch...I live in my Sevens and just discovered Joe's Jeans...fabulous!!
  10. I love them tight, but I love them more when they stretch as I wear it.
  11. I buy them so that I can barely sit down in them, so when they stretch out they are still form fitting and aren't going to be sliding down my legs.
  12. Another Joe Jeans fan! I have a Joe Jean skirt that I have had for several years and worn many many times. It fits like a dream, it's just so perfect in every way. I can't afford to spend $200+ on jeans all the time though.
  13. Right on, dawny_r! I tend to splurge on a couple pairs and live in them...Joe's fit great AND psychologically it's a boost b/c I can wear them a size smaller than I do in sevens or other brands...what's not to love :biggrin:
  14. I buy my jeans to fit. They can be a little bit snug but I won't buy it tight at all. It's too uncomfortable for me and I feel that my stomach is going to bulge over the sides. I find that Seven For All Mankind has the best fit.
  15. For jeans - well the straight leg/skinny ones that i only buy anyway - i usually get them a size too small. This is because i have no ass and when i get them and they fit perfectly, after 2 hours of walking around, the bum area sags, and when i bend over, you can see half of my cheek.

    i prefer my gut slightly popping out (well not that much - i cover it up) than pants that show my bum.

    also, when its about a size too small, opt for the darker colours since they stretch out well and look good when slightly wrinkled.

    Nobody Jeans are amazing.