Jeans - Size 12/32....any jeans suggstions??

  1. I'm in need of new jeans and am looking for some suggestions. I'm a pretty true size 12 and wear 32 in Citizens, Joe's and AG. I can't even begin to fit into a 32 in Sevens (even when I was a 10 no styles would even zip! What's up w/ that?!) as well as some other brands (Blue Cult is one I can think of off-hand...I think I've blocked out the others).

    So...aside from going to Lane Bryant to get some new denim...does anyone have any ideas for cute jeans that might fit this butt o' mine? I'd like to go shopping with an idea of a few brands that are true-to-size so the salesgirls at Neimans don't look at me like I'm on crack when I go for a 32 that is really a 6 or something...

  2. You would loveee Citizens- Ava jeans!
  3. Lucky Brand Jeans are looser fitting than others, so that's a great jean suggestion. Citizens, Joes, Paper Denim, Seven 4 all mankind, all great choices!
  4. I think James jeans would be a nice choice.
  5. I'm a recent Paige Premium Denim convert! :nuts: I usually buy my jeans a size larger so that they're nice and loose on me. I bought a 31 (normally wear a 30 in most jeans) and they've stretched nicely. They're so comfortable. The denim is super soft, they sit just right on my hips and are the perfect length. IMO, they're good for girls with a booty - trust me, I have a large one :p
  6. Gap's jeans are pretty true to size, too. I love how the straight fit looks on me, and I've heard the curvy fit is excellent.
  7. I second Paige -- I found a cheap pair, and they're very nice. Fidelity is good too, if you guys get those in the US.
  8. I love Gap's Curvy jeans. I once tried on some Sevens and in order for them to fit my hips, they were waaaaaaaay too big in the waist. Those jeans were just not made for an hourglass figure. Great thread topic -- I'd love to hear from anyone who has found jeans and has the same problem I do. :yes:
  9. I vote for Paige jeans as well. They are super flattering. I have jeans in sizes ranging from 29 - 31, so I know what you mean about sizing. I have two pairs so far ( both 31 ), and actually prefer my Paige's over most of my other jeans right now including my Joes and 7s. Habituals would be nice too. I think they have a great fit, and they are very comfortable. Their sizing seems similar to Paige, IMO. Good luck!
  10. Rock & Republics run kinda big... and I know sevens and paiges now have 33 and 34 for women (although I've never seen any).