Jeans similar to Gap Long and Leans?

  1. Okay, so they're not fancy, but they've been the best looking jean I could come up with to fit my middle-aged body:p . It seems that Gap has changed their Long and Lean jeans and now they're awful.

    I've always been pretty much straight up and down, with no waist. After two children and getting older, I am pudgy around the middle. My thighs and butt aren't overly big, though, so I have a hard time finding jeans that will fit my waist but not be huge in the butt and legs. Any suggestions on jeans I might try?
  2. I like gap jeans too! They are very well constructed. I had no idea they changed. Definately check out Banana Republic, J.Crew, French Connection and Club Monaco.
  3. Have you tried Paige jeans? They are cut slimmer in the thigh than most jeans. I think you would be really happy with them!
  4. I bought Long and Lean after Oprah had them on her show as one of favorites. Ugh, why did they mess with a good thing? Now they're flarey and wider at the legs and butt.

    Try Mavi jeans. I have straight up and down body, no butt, short waist and Long and Lean Size 2 regular would be equal to a 26 or 27 depending on the style. Zappos carries Mavi.