JEANS? sewing or just cut a "raw edge"

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  1. I bought a pair of 7FAM jeans - ginger in Jamaica(very wide leg bottom). It has a raw edge and I have to alter the length ...but no original hem on bottom. Anyone have any idea, how to alter. I usually do my own original hem, but in this case there is none. Do I just cut to length and not sew it - ???
  2. did you buy them new or used?? Hopefully used or i'd take them back to the store.... at any rate, I suggest that unless you have a sewing machine, just take them to a tailor and let them put on a new bottom seam, hth
  3. Sew them..I don't like raggedy hems.
  4. I bought them new. If I bring them to a tailor, will they make the original hem as its a raw edge. I do have a sewing machine and have done original hem alterations myself( by using the original hem) These don't have a original hem to begin with.
    I'm just wondering if they were made to have the raw edge and I just cut to my length. I'll try to post the pic o what I mean
  5. I tried those on recently... and totally loved that raw edge so I know what you're talking about. I thought they were a little high waisted for me so I passed but it was a tough call. Anyway, they were really long on me too and I was confused as to what to do with them as well. I think I would have just cut them off and sacrificed the different shades of blue at the bottom. To hem them by reattaching that end may look a little weird.