Jeans rubbed onto my GAUCHO!


Fellow "Passionista"
Nov 20, 2005
So I was just looking at my white gaucho and noticed the color blue hue all over the back bottom of the bag!AAAAARGH!:mad:
I am going to try and wash it off. I will tell you how it goes in a minute. It kind of workswith the bag you know....

Any suggestions?
I just used sun light and water on a rag....about 75% is gone, but there is still a blue hue at the bottom. Oh well, thank g-d it works!
Thanks guys, and beware any Gaucho seekers in white!
Oh this thread brought back memories (not good ones...)!!! Thank God Burberry took mine back when I had dye transfer. I can tell you that I am so much more careful now. Baby wipes do wonders and you can always go to a professional cobbler that NM or Nordies can reffer you to.
oh yes that has happened to mine too, i used baby wipes! magic. oh yeah have you noticed if your key coins transfered a grayish color onto the bag where it rubs? that's happened to me too.