Jeans question..!

  1. Couple of question.
    - I'm wearing a 25 paige platinum jeans, what size should i get for True Religon?

    - Do revolve clothing ship outside of US?

    Thanks girls!!
  2. Not sure about the sizing but yes, Revolve do ship outside the US. And they offer free international shipping for orders over $100
  3. Thanks KathyinJapan!!
    Now i just need to know which size to get..! :smile:
  4. you should be ok with the same size in TR. do you have any other brands? some Paiges run small
  5. Thanks Jen.. I have a sz25 J&company, it fits okay just a little loose at the waist. I also have a 25citizen, and its also a little loose.
  6. You'll definitely be ok with TR in your Paige sizes then. Enjoy!!
  7. I think you would be a 24 in TR
  8. 24 in TR dark washes and 25 in medium and lighter washes.
  9. i wear a size 24 in Paige and 24 in True Religion jeans (but for TR skinny jeans i have to size up to 25) .hope this help ^-^