Jeans Party?

  1. A co-worker just invited me to a "jeans party." Are they the same thing as the fake purse & fake jewelry parties? Fake jeans? :cursing: I didn't even know jeans parties existed & I responded with the fact I may be back at school during the day of the party. Are there really authentic jeans being solder at lower prices or at house parties? Can someone enlighten me? Thankss =)
  2. I have heard of "jeans parties"....a friend of mine went, and yes they were either fake or they were seconds. She said they fit really weird. :yucky:
  3. Yay I finally got a response! I have never heard of a jean party before. I've heard of fake jewlery and purse parties though. Who would want fake jeans? I guess the same people that want fake bags & jewelry? lol
  4. lol fake jeans. yeah there are such thing s fake jeans! its so sad!!!! they fake out everything now!

    i never herad of actual jean parties though.

    i kno that the new hot thing now in urban wear is like Evisu jeans, Red Monkey and ...uh, yeah.

    These go for like 500 bucks a pair. But in LA you can find them for 60 bucks. FAKE!!!!!!!

  5. Haha, wow. My co-worker was saying that the jeans usually retail for around "$150" but at the party they are around $70 or $80.

    $70 or $80 for FAKE jeans?! WTF. :roflmfao:
  6. Didn't think of posting this in The Wardrobe. Thanks for moving it :yes:
  7. One of my friends invited me to a Jeans party that someone she knew was throwing. I wasnt able to make it, but they were REAL and AUTHENTIC jeans. She got tons of great deals. SO i would have to say it depends on the source. Find out WHERE these jeans are coming from and WHY they are willing to offer them for a lot less.
  8. Hmm, that's interesting. I haven't gotten many responses on here as I did in another forum, and at the other forum around 20/20 people said they're fakes. I do wonder though. I can't imagine there being a faked brand of every pair of designer jeans...but then again there are fakes of basically every designer bag.

    Anyone else know?
  9. Haha that's true about bags! It's definitely worth finding out more about from your coworker that invited you. See if she actually knows the person who invited her. I live in Southern California, and it's easy for people here to have some sort of a connection in the fashion industry. It would be a little different for example, if you live in an area where high end retail isnt easily accessible. Hope you find the answers you're looking for...
  10. I've never heard of a jeans party. Im pretty sure they are fakes like the purse parties.
  11. It was her husband who invited me. Idiot me forgot that she does work in the fashion industry. I'm still kinda weary though because he gave me an invite today, and it says it's going to be a Jewelry party too, and I know there are jewelry parties that have fakes like fake Tiffany, fake David Yurman, etc. Although, I said to a friend today, if she works in the fashion industry, it would be highly unlikely she'd be condoning fakes...kind of like a LV SA selling fakes on the side. I'm going to be back at school when the party happens, but I'm still very curious to know if they are all real jeans. I'd be pretty bummed out if I were to miss out on an oppuntunity to get a deal w/o getting ripped off!
  12. I agree with Coach. There are some authentic "jean party," but you have to make sure where the jeans are from. They may have gotten the jeans from outlets or sample sales, for instance. But do be careful, because there are fake jeans being sold as authentic.
  13. It would it be interesting to go and see. However, there is no way I would buy a fake pair of jeans. I like authentic jeans b/c of the way they fit, not necessarliy b/c of the brand. Old Navy and Gap just don't work for me.
  14. Not all jeans parties are fake.

    I host jeans parties in my town and I don't sell fakes.

    If you can ask for photos, I would be happy to authenticate for you ;)

    Also, the members at Honest Forum and Authentic Forum would be happy to do the same for you too.
  15. @ the risk of sounding totally clueless how does a jeans party work?