Jeans: Paige vs True Religion

  1. Help please Ladies! I'm in Australia & I'm looking to purchase a pair of True Religion Johnny from Revolve Clothing. So far the best fitting jeans I've had are Paige Premiums... I have low rise Pico & Laurel Canyons in size 24 and they fit perfectly on me! Do I order the TR Johnny in 24 as well? I've read somewhere that TR runs big sometimes so I'm a bit worried... I like my jeans nice & tight but I don't quite have the curves :shame:

    Has anyone tried Paige Blue Heights Skinny or their Melrose straight btw?

    Thanks :flowers:
  2. I'll move this to the Wardrobe for you.
  3. Oh I'm sorry... I didn't even know there's a wardrobe subforum!! :noggin:
  4. check it out! There's at least 2 jeans threads in here now, maybe you'll find some great info!
  5. I'm looking to get some paiges and TR's too. So far, in trying them on they seem to fit about the same. I take 25 in both. (that's my standard size, every now and then I can do a 24, so neither are running really big) I think TR's just have a different feel b/c they tend to have that dropped pocket.
  6. depends for true religion. but i can never actually remember my size(in the 20's somehwere...)..hahaha, so that might be why.:P
  7. hahaha lucky you. i have johnnys in 24 and laurel canyons in 24 too!! hahaha they fit about the same. snug and flattering. hope i helped!
  8. Big?! On me johnnys run small. I'm normally a flat 25, but with johnnys I need a 26 for the dark rinse wash and a 27 :wtf: (the only other pair of jeans I own in that size was taken in a good few inches and are STILL too big!) for a lighter wash that I don't know the name of.
  9. Thanks everyone for your inputs! :heart: I'm still confused because of the different opinions so I think I will hold off purchasing one online until I find a pair to try on just to be safe!
  10. I wear the same size in Paige as TR but prefer the fit of Paige. :smile:
  11. Greentea - can I ask why do you prefer the fit of Paige over TR? :flowers:
  12. The paige fits lovely, especially if you have a big booty!
  13. It really depends on your body type, but I think Paige's fit better for us "thinner" girls because the jeans are cut smaller around the waist and thighs -wish they were cut shorter on the length as well for us "short AND skinny" girls... I can only wish...
  14. I can never get Paige's to fit my waist. They always gap. but I have that trouble in all my jeans.
  15. I say go for the rigid True Religions (without stretch). The stretchy ones make your thighs looks strange. I wear the rigid Joey TRs in a 24 and they look much better and more flattering than the regular ones with stretch, even though the rigid ones are cut smaller.