Jeans Moyen Paddington Club,,come on in and share:)

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  1. I know its been awhile but I am still so in love with this style and color. Was just wondering who else still owns one,,please join and share with photos thanks alot and heres mine. Still smooshy and cute!!

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  2. Hi ! I am actually interested to buy a sapphire paddington, but then I saw in the picture that the padlock is gold and the zipper is silver, Is that the same with your paddington? Does it look odd or just okey?
  3. I almost let my JM go but thankfully I didn't. I must say, your lock looks like it's in impeccable condition though! That is amazing for an 06 bag. Have you seldom used her?
  4. No pics of mine but Im in the Club :biggrin:
  5. yes thats how the paddingtons are,,,all hardwares and lock is gold but the zippers are silver,,dont know why but its like that which is normal. I dont use my Cutie much,,so she is still in great condition but the lock(older model) is slightly chipping(discolored).
  6. I have a sapphire paddington, but I dont have a picture also.
  7. whenever you have time feel free to post photos or not will be fine,,feel free to come on in and share what you have thanks to all.