jeans moyen baby paddy!!!!

  1. hi
    im new here and have been looking at your beautiful bags.
    im liking the jeans moyen colour and was looking on the internet for one and came across one on the cricket website, the have the regular size then they have it in the baby size, i have never seen this colour in the baby before. i have have fallen in love with it, what are you opinons?
  2. *dies*
  3. Sounds really lovely!! :tup: Baby paddys are so cute if you think this size is best for you, and jeans moyen is tdf and rare colour!! luckily cricket liverpool seems to have some sold out colours left, I've noticed they've had some rare paddy styles too! :yes:
  4. yeah they do have some great bags, there have been a few on eBay recently but i have never seen this in baby size!
    i know the jeans moyen is discontiued so its very rare i think its worth the money. they are cheaper on eBay but i dont have an eBay account and dont quite trust it on there!
  5. I think it's better pay a little more if you can then buy without worries!:tup: I've been lately buying from ebay and it's quite stressful, at least to me. I would so much rather buy from trusted online retailer (or from store) if they had the bag I was after.
    I dont remember either seeing jeans moyen baby paddys on ebay, they're getting rare...
  6. i think i might buy it, it will be my first paddy purchase!!! very exciting!
  7. Just a note of caution. I am not sure that the Cricket site is being updated properly. It is possible that they might not have that bag any more. I hope that they do and some of their other interesting old stock as well.
  8. Mmmmm thats a point, i think i will ring them tomorrow and see i they still have it. fingures crossed
  9. Ahhhh, jeans moyen!!! I love it! It was my first (and only so far) paddy, too. I absolutly love it! The color is just beautiful, in a subtle subdued way. And it's super goes with way more than I had expected it to.
  10. I looked at this site and didn't see the jeans moyen paddy...I did see dove grey/mousse in both medium and mini. Is that the one you are considering?
  11. Yep, you're right about the hardware! That's so tricky that they are calling it dove because I've heard that interchanged with Mousse.

    The bag looks great...I'd say go for it! It is a nice color, much greyer than I thought Jeans Moyen would be, and I think it would match a lot of different outfits. :yes:
  12. yes i can not wait!
    here goes i have ordered it!!!!
    ahhhh im so excited!
  13. Yay, congrats! Please post pictures when you got it, jeans moyen baby will be so cute...!!
  14. Glad it was still in stock - photos are a definite priority!