jeans length

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  1. I always have to have my pants altered. Petites are too short for me and regular pants are too long. To me there is nothing worse than having jeans or pants that are too short. So I usually have the alterations lady measure and then have her make them a bit longer than what she wants to do. I've had too many experiences where I let them decide and after it's done, they are too short. So I have them measured so they are just off the ground. But then due to creeping down or wearing lower heels they somestimes drag on the ground and get frayed on the bottom.
    Does anyone else have frayed bottom jeans for this reason? Would you still rather have them a bit too long even if it means they will get frayed?
  2. It's alvays better for jesns to be a little to long. You can alvays fold them if you don't want them to get dirty
  3. I'm only 5'2" and it's a huge problem for me. I get most sized a little to long, but have a few pairs that are "just right" for flats. I can't stand fraying on my more expensive jeans so those don't get worn unless I wear heels. Stinks but I guess that's the way life goes!
  4. I have certain jeans worn with heels only and others with flats only.
  5. Have you tried Joe's Jeans "Provocateur" line of jeans? They seems to run just a tad longer than most petite-sized jeans.
  6. I have some jeans hemmed for flats, others hemmed for 2-inch heels & others hemmed for higher heels. It's a pain, but it's the only thing that truly works for me.

    You can ask your tailor to do an "uneven hem" where the jeans are slightly longer in the front & pull up a bit as they go around so they won't drag on the ground.
  7. I got a pair of Joe Jeans cigarette leg and they were so long!
    I took them to the tailor along with my shorter sisters jeans and they thought they should be the same length
    so my 5' tall sister got my Joes Jeans since when they came back they were perfect for her. I was so pissed.

    I love my pants long. I should have a 29 inch inseam but i can get away up to 32 inches I think
  8. Before you buy a pair of jeans or before getting them altered, you should always think for what PURPOSE they're going to be for. If you plan on wearing heels with them, then get them a bit longer (they should be about 1.5 inches above the floor/heel). If you plan on wearing flats with them, then get them altered down to your ankle joint.
  9. See, I'm all for longer jeans. I think it looks ridiculous when people have jeans that are that high (1.5 inches) off the ground. It's my fashion pet peeve! But to each their own, obviously. I don't mind if mine fray a little bit but I always get my pants hemmed to just barely hit the ground. I'm also 5'3" however, so I do have to get everything altered, and having the jeans hit the floor makes my legs look longer.
  10. I struggle with this, because I tell myself I'll dress up in cute heels and hem accordingly, but I always get lazy and want to wear flats and can't.

    I read about these magnetic hemming pads on MSNBC, and I keep meaning to try them but never get around to it. Zaker or Zakker, I think they're called? It was a while ago.
  11. My jeans tend to shrink over time, so I prefer to err on the side of long.
  12. What a pain! I always have to get my pants hemmed. I usually wear a mini wedge boot to give my pants some height. That way if I wear flats they skim the ground a little(this does lead to frayed bottoms) and if I wear my mini wedge boots they are just fine.

    I am not much of a heels person, but if I were to wear heels with them they would be too short! I always mean to get specific jeans for when I wear heels, but never seem to get around to it.

    It is truly a pain and I have yet to master this problem.
  13. I hate getting my jeans hemmed. I tend to go for longer jeans because it forces me to wear heels with them. I am one of those who like my jeans to hit the ground perfectly with my heels, it makes my 5'2 height extend to 5'6 and up!=)
  14. I just brought my new Paige jeans to the alterations shop today. I asked her to make them so that they are just off the floor. I always worry that in spite of trying them on and telling them I want them long, they may come out too short. Bottom line, I'd rather have frayed bottoms than high water pants.