Jeans, jeans, jeans

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  1. I am forever looking for nice jeans. Looks nice, feels nice, made well, and are comfy and flattering.

    Is my only option the Hudson, Seven's, True Religion's and the like that are out there?

    Aren't there some mid-range price jeans ($50-$100) that qualify under the above standards?

    I've been to the Gap...and they have changed their styles from last year...I don't really care for their selection.

    I am having a very hard time justifying spending a huge amount on jeans. :evil:
  2. Tons of places like Marshalls, Ross, TJ Maxx carry those jeans for $30 - $60, you just have to look!
  3. i get most of my jeans (sevens, tr, joes, hudsons, etc.) at sample sales for usually around $70 each.. try looking around your area for some! there are def alot in CA. :smile:
  4. Karen Millen Jeans, to me are one of the most comfortable, However she is based in England nevertheless her line is available in department stores in the U.S.
  5. I am a die-hard Paige Premium Denim fan; I would say that if they do for you what they do for me you will gladly lay down $160 for a pair.

    Obviously, jeans fit everyone a little different; but, I have never had a jean fit like it was made for me until I tried on a pair of Paige.
    I highly recommend to anyone that they try a pair of the Laurel Canyon style for themselves and then draw your own conclusions.

    Paying good $ for jeans is worth it if you can wear them until they fall apart and they make your but look like it should be modeling victoria's secret lingerie. ;)
  6. What and where and how do I find a sample sale? LOL
  7. The stores in my area get cleared out of the good stuff in record time....too many stay at home Moms with time on their hands I guess. :P

    I will check there. thank you. :smile:
  8. Well, yes, I agree! I guess I just didn't try on the right brands a couple weeks ago. I bought a pair of Juicy that were on sale ($110 down from $185, so I was pleased) that fit well, a pair of sevens, but the legs are cut a bit narrow....less than a boot cut and I like space down there, and pair of James jeans. I was at Sak's for literally 2 hours trying on a roomful of jeans. :oh:

    I also picked up a pair of "it" jeans from the Brass Plum section of Nordstrom, they were $58 I think. I like them, and they fit well, I just wish they were an inch or two longer. They are regular and I need talls so I can wear heels with them.

    There was a store at the mall that had every imaginable brand...and I believe they have Paige there. How do you wash them? Do they shrink at all?
  9. Also check the Loehmanns in your area they get more of the high-end designers; and their prices are fabulous.
  10. I have a question about jeans, I'm really tall, so I'm constantly on the search for jeans that have a long inseam, but are still super cute. I'm a size two so I like jeans that sit really low and flatter my figure. The problem i face all the time is ordering jeans online that are listed as 2-long... and they are NOT long. Victoria's Secret has long jeans, but they don't sit low. any suggestions?
  11. That is the best part about Paige - they don't shrink. I wash my jeans in cold water and dry them with the delicate dry cycle - no shrinking. I even tried to shrink the pair I am wearing today and they won't shrink. :evil:

    The Laurel Canyon style (as do most of their styles) have a bit of stretch too; and they are long so perfect with heels. I just can't say enough about Paige - I would love to hear your take if you ever do try a pair on. One thing to keep in mind - I have had to try multiple pairs in the same size to find the ones that fit me the best; sometimes there is variance even in the same size.

    You can check out their offerings on Neimans website to get a heads up; I have the fairfax with leather trim (love these), the Laurel canyon in every color wash avail, the gauchos, the deconstruction in dark and light washes, the Hollywood Hills in dark wash, and the nailhead in mdm wash. If they ever go public I will buy stock. :P
  12. Paige Premium Denim; both nordies and Neimans have good return policies.

    laurel Canyon sits low on the waist; the deconstruction washes sit the lowest.

    True Religion sit low and give lots of curves to thin figures; problem with True Religion is that their inseams are not consistent - I have tried on 34 inseams that were more like 30. :evil:
  13. :nuts: You could ask someone when they receive their shipments, usually it's about once a week.
  14. I have to agree with you about Paige jeans. I started in September and have bought two pairs. They are wonderful and they fit great. Definetly my favorite brand so far! They wash great too.
  15. i love paige too. perfect amount of stretch. try i usually wait until there is some sale on jeans and try to snag a pair. but yah those are def worth the money. in nyc we have century 21 which is sort of like a tjmaxx but a little better. they have designer jeans on sale as well.