Jeans in Boots?

  1. I like the look of celebs with their jeans tucked in their boots, however I don't know how to attain the look. I look oddly weird in skinny jeans because of my big thighs and calves. And don't even know where to start with finding the right boot.

    Please someone give me suggestions/recommendations on jeans (brand, style) and boots (brand, style).

    Thank you!
  2. ^^ i call it tuckage.... :biggrin:

    try Chloe boots, i heard theyre nice
  3. Just as important as getting the right jeans, IMO, is getting the right boots.

    As you're concerned about your thighs and calves, I would say, always wear dark coloured skinnies with knee length, slouchy boots (if you feel you need more height - with with a chunky, slightly tapered heel); to balance your thighs out and camouflage your calves (in the way that the flare of your bootlegs did).

    Also, if you ever intend to wear your skinnies with shoes (rather than boots), buy your skinnies floor length, so that you have ankle scrunch, to achieve a similar end.

    Leg warmers, or thick socks, may also help you achieve this balance, if you intend to wear ankle boots.

    If you like ugg boots, I would highly recommend Love From Australia brand. Because of the thickness of the sheepskin, longer length, darker coloured (black or brown) ugg boots should balance your thighs well and no one will know how wide, or narrow, your calves are! Also, even if they are tight at first, around your calves, the wool will flatten and they will give.

    Try to buy a design that you can undo and tighten and loosen, rather than a pull-on style.

    Suede boots also have more give and slouch than most leather boots and because they are matt, rather than shiny, like most leather, they won't draw attention to your calves.

    If you are interested in high end designer boots, NAP are great, as they give the calf widths for the various foot sizes.

    BTW, I hope you don't have small feet for your height/leg length. That's my main problem, and I generally find that what fits my foot, is too short and therefore, narrow in the calf. :sad:

    Finally, wear looser tops to balance your lower half.

    Hope this helps! :biggrin:
  4. For boots, try Belstaff: the Trialmaster boots have generous calfs (too generous, if you ask me), they come in either flat or high stacked leather heels, fab hand-stitched leather soles too! Go for a darker (olive or oak) colour. You can usually find them on the German eBay, or look at the Belstaff website.
  5. Hmm, the only boots I've ever been able to get my jeans into attractively and without the seams digging in are my riding boots and that's because they have elastic inserts on the sides. I'm not much of a boot wearer, anyway.
  6. the ralph lauren zoe is fabulous, and can be scrunched down or worn up.
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    Thank you for your advice. I'll take much into consideration! :yes:
  8. I should have mentioned that I'm 5'6, and the largest part of my calves measures 14" in circumference. I do own a pair of Uggs and my primary purpose was to get ready for the winter, so that I can wear skinny jeans or leggings with the Uggs. Unfortunetly I have the 'sand' color and not the darker colors.

    Thanks L_Rod for that site...I'm gonna check it out!

  9. No problem! :flowers:

  10. 14" doesn't sound big for someone of your height, to me...

    Do you mind telling us what your shoe size is?
  11. oh, i love that belstaff boots you post fripone!
  12. My shoe size is 7.5 (in US). I think that's 38 in Europe?
  13. ^ You do have quite small feet for your height, then. :yes: You're just over average hight, so you would be expected to have just over average sized feet; around a US 8.5.

    Luckily, your foot size to height ratio is not as low as mine (US size 7 and I'm 5'8" :sad: ). At my height, I would be expected to have around a US size 9!

    This is probably why you (wrongly) think you have big calves. A size 8.5 boot would generally have around a 1/2" bigger calf than a size 7.5.

    BTW, a US 7.5 is an Italian 37 1/2 (and Italian sizes are what most non US international websites go by):


    Ideally you should look for boots with a generous calf size, say 15 1/2" to 16"; to allow plenty of room for your jeans. :biggrin:
  14. ugh i have small feet for my height (38-39 and just over 5'8), disproportionately long legs AND i was put on skis at the age of 3, a horse at the age of 8 and have always lived at the top of a hill so finding boots is a nightmare! the only ones that always fit the width are duo but they're generally so frumpy.. :yucky: i should really have a pair (or 8) custom made. uggs fit, and lfa nomads fit, vivienne westwood pirate boots fit and some slouchy styles fit but only the lfa nomads approach being long enough. and those are all obviously very casual styles. i think i saw on NAP that some style of chloé boots were insanely wide in the leg, like 20" but that can't be right can it? i quite like some belstaff styles, does anyone know how wide they are in a 39? or even a 40, i'll wear big socks :lol: :crybaby: