Jeans help

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  1. I've been searching to replace a couple pairs of my jeans. I'm having a horrible time finding any that a) aren't extremely low rise or b) don't pooch out in the back at the waist. Here's my conundrum: I'm 5'2" so need petite length. I also prefer jeans with a little bit of stretch. Here's what I've tried so far that didn't work: Gap, Ralph Lauren, Jag jeans from Nordstrom. I'm just looking for "schlep around on the weekend jeans", no sequins or embroidery.

    Anyone have any suggestions?????
  2. ::nuts: I'm 5''2 !!!! Hehe so I know it's a pain to find some....I usually go to Hollister( Their jeans actully fit, even though I hate all the teeny-poppers that swarm there) Their about 50$$$ so it's no cheap cheap, but my other place is, H&M, forever 21(XXI), and Gadzooks, there all ran by the same company, so whichever on is around you...Hope this helps!
    P.s. Dollhouse works well too (for me) Their at Kohls, and other stores like that.
  3. Thanks! I don't think we have any of those chains nearby (though there is a Kohl's near my in-laws) but if I see any in my travels, I will definitely check them out.
  4. I'm just a 1/2 inch shorter than you and I wear the jeans from I don't actually have to shorten them if I buy the 'short' length ones.
  5. Humm... I'm on the opposite end. I'm 5'10.5 . Yup, I know, I'm super tall. I have to buy designer jeans (usually 7 or citizens of humanity or true religion). Actually, if you go to Neiman Marcus, other department stores, or a boutique- many times they will tailor the jeans for you (shorten them in your case).
  6. Ann Taylor makes petite cuts and I think Banana Republic too. All else fails go to 5-7-9. Their jeans used to go all the way to a ZERO when I was in high school which wasnt all that long ago. And they are very affordable-like I work @ MckeeDees-cheap.
  7. I too, am tiny... I need to have all of my jeans altered as the designer lines tend to cater to the Amazon Godess types :lol:

    Nordstroms & Neiman will alter your jeans for a slight fee. Or take them to your local tailor usually 8-10 dollars.

    Hope this helps.
  8. they do an awesome job. california hem, where they put back the original hem and looks great. nordstroms does that too.

    have you tried paige hollywood line? is not that low, makes the rear look awesome.;) :biggrin: available at nordstroms and NM and saks too
  9. I'm small as well therefor I buy Levis model Eve. It#s with strectch not to low waist and they offer different length for the legs (30, 32 etc) For me that are the best fitting jeans.
  10. Pseub - I'm only an inch taller than you, and I've completely given up on buying jeans that fit me height-wise. I just get them altered. I think what is more important is the actual fit. There is a small line that I like, called Serfontaine, which is a CA-based company that makes really comfy jeans with stretch. I've had my pair for a few months now and really love them. They are cut kind of low, but I have a bit of a butt, and find that they don't "reveal" too much.
  11. Have you tried Armani Exchange? I've gotten some of their "stretch vintage" jeans, and they fit great...these also come in short lengths...
  12. I'm 5'1 and had to have my jeans shorted 5 1/2 in. :amazed:

    do you get them shortened even like an inch or are they the right lenth?
    just curious...because i couldn't imagine trying a pair of designer jeans on and having them be the right lenth...
  13. some jeans do fit on me right away while others are too long and i need like 2 1/2" off. i guess it depends on the style?
  14. Well, I'm 5"4' 1/2, and have accepted that all of my pants will have to be altered lengthwise--between a short and a regular inseam on just about everything.
  15. LOL megs, I wish I had your predicament! :smile: