Jeans for tall people?

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  1. Is there anyone else on here who has trouble finding jeans long enough? I love gap jeans because they have so many cute styles, but I require an extra long in gap and they don't offer as many styles in extra long.. Does anyone of or a good place to look for really long jeans?
  2. Hudson makes really long jeans.
  3. New York And Company talls, DVB, Rock And Republic, True Religion-I'm 5'10" and these work well for me.
  4. I'm 6' so I'm always looking for long jeans.
    I find Rock & Republic and some J Brand lovestory (oyster has 36" length and i think another one is 37") are the best!
  5. I actually really like Gap jeans. They make extra long inseams for tall people
  6. What size are you?
  7. Rock and republic makes one of the longest inseams I have seen. HTH!
  8. Bishop of Seventh is my favorite for extra long inseam!!
  9. My personal fav is.... Joe's Twiggy!! They're made for tall and slender girls! I'm 5'10 and I can still wear some of the Twiggy jeans with my heels on (that would me make taller than 6'!

    I also have two pairs of Moschino jeans that have a crazy long inseam! Even with heels, I trudge all over them, but I'm happy because that just means that I get to wear higher heels haha!
  10. I am 180 cm, and w/o heels it's True Religion & Hudson, with heels DVB, Rock & Republic.
  11. I'm 5'9 and I love Citizens of humanity!
  12. Banana Republic have the tall jeans (36" inseam), usually have to order them online though. I don't need the tall but I love there fits.
  13. J Crew also has 36" inseams.
  14. im 6ft and gap xlt work for me.
  15. Ooh yes Rock and Republic are definitely long. I have a 35" inseam and they are perfect for me even with heels.