Jeans for tall and skinny guy?

  1. My boyfriend can never find a perfect pair of jeans. The number one problem is the inseam. Most of his jeans are either too short or too big for him. His waist is about 27-28. Even 28 looks really baggy.

    My dear TPFers, do you have any recommendation for men's jeans? I'm looking for something that has long inseam and form fitting. TIA!:heart:
  2. Try Diesel or Energie. I have a friend who's pretty tall and thin and he loves the jeans from there. :smile:
  3. if you are looking for the skinny look definitely check out cheap monday. They are very slim fitting and come in different inseam lengths as well. I think they are cut on the small side so he may end up needing a 28 or 29 if he is usually a 27/28.
  4. Rock & Republics
  5. Will he wear women's jeans? Because a lot of them aren't embellished with sequins and crap, a lot of them are really plain and clean and cut straight for today's trends. My husband and I can share jeans (I know, so weird but convenient). I tried on a pair of his women's Seven jeans corduroys today (size 25) and they fit just right. They're plain and look just as fine on him too, not feminine.

    These days a lot of skinny guys want to wear the skinny jeans and specifically men's jeans are just way too big and baggy for them. A lot of these guys are buying women's jeans. If your BF refuses to buy/wear women's jeans, then I agree Cheap Monday may be the way to go. Visit and search that brand and they show guys modeling them. He can order them to be super tight if he wants! Good luck!
  6. i 2nd the diesel jeans suggestion. i think the flashier brands look a little feminine on tall and skinny guys. but i do think flashier brands like R&R look good on muscular guys
  7. Thank you all for your suggestions! I will check them all out.
  8. diesel and rock & republic