Jeans for Someone Who Doesn't Like Jeans

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  1. Bluefly is having a huge sale on jeans :yahoo:. The thing is, I'm not sure what kind to get. I'm tempted to purchase a pair of Joe's or Paige jeans, but I have no idea how they'll fit. I just dislike jeans because I feel like they're a little...restrictive? I have a pair of Sevens and I love them, and my Marc Jacobs pair...but I just want a pair of comfortable jeans. Any advice is appreciated!
  2. I completely agree with you on jeans in general. I've never been comfortable in them. I'm really interested to read the replies to your post because I've been looking for comfy jeans, too!
  3. I've heard only fantastic things about Paige, and Citizens of Humanity.

    I have a pair of Hudsons too and they're great..very light but durable fabric.
  4. I'm so into jeans and I don't own a single pair of paige, I tried a pair on yesterday and they didn't do anything for me, almost too shapely so they exaggerated my curves, and they were a size 25..... I've really been loving AG recently. I got the most comfy pair this spring, I think they are called the mona, they are a slightly wider straight leg and the denim is super soft, almost like you're wearing pajama pants. They are a medium to light wash and a lightweight denim, if you're looking for comfort try a light weight denim for sure. What kind of cut are you looking for?
  5. I love all True Religion they look and fit great ( I have 20 pairs so for sure I love it), the other one Rock & Reepublic , but sometimes dont fit nice an the back , but that up to the style ( Scorpion style nice fit) . Hudson, Genetic, Rich & Skinny, Taverniti are cute too.
  6. Citizens of Humanity is fantastic, JBrand is also a fave. YOu can't go wrong with either of these!
  7. I have quite a collection of jeans, TR, Joe's, Rich & Skinny, Citizens etc...
    None of them compare to my !iT jeans! Those are my most worn jeans EVER! They are so comfortable and have just the right amount of stretch in them. And best of all they are price so reasonable!!!! Just google and you'll get several results. Keep us posted...can't wait to hear what you got!!!!
    FYI: They run true to size but in my experience the lighter weight denim I went down a size.
    Hope this helps:smile: GOOD LUCK!!!!!
  8. I was going to go with the AGs lightweight, but the only ones they had available were two sizes too big. I went with a pair of Hudsons, so I'm anxious to see how they'll fit. :smile: Thanks all!
  9. J brand are my fave! Love the quality and hug in all the right places.
  10. My most comfortable pair of jeans even on a hot smmer day is my pair of James Jeans. I had never even heard of this brand before but I got it at a denim warehouse sale and I ended up loving them! Wish I could find some more of them.

    I also like skinny jeans but I have put those away until the summer is over!
  11. for comfiest - i would say Paige denim, and SFAM - the Flynt style I find is the most comfy! I own like..3 pairs of the same Flynt style because I love them so much!
  12. I think you have to try the boyfriend jeans styles, they are like wearing PJs! I'm wearing my Genetic denims - Ryder style today.
  13. I would recommend trying on trouser style jeans. SFAM makes it in the dojo cut and those are super comfortable. I also like Rock and Republic jeans. The few pairs I own are soft and lightweight (Paiges are a bit thicker IMO). Over all, I do find jeans with a bit of stretch are more comfortable on. Citizens, SFAM, James, and Rock and Republic all make them.
  14. I don't like or wear jeans that much myself and went for years without even owning a pair! Last fall I had to go jean shopping and buy a few pais and this was my conclusion after trying most brands.

    Paige Premium and James Jeans are very well cut and fit well. They have a trouser cut and some very dark rinses which are great dressier jeans for nightime or going out. The waist are not too lowrise and the bottom openings not too wise or narrow. They also have a little stretch to them (I'm 5 6"about 120 with slim hips, BTW.)

    For sheer comfort and a more casual look AG denim can't be beat! The denim is lightweight and very, very soft ( like jeans you've had broken in from years of washing.) They fit well and are more relaxed even though most are 100% cotton and as a plus, they tend to be the right length so you don't have to have them cut as you do with most jeans which come super long these days.
  15. Hudson and JBrand are my absolute favorites. IMO True Religion and Sevens have gone down in quality and aren't worth the pricetag anymore.