Jeans for small women

  1. I'm having trouble finding jeans right now. I usually wear Rock & Republics in a size 24 but I find that they're harder and harder to find. I have a pair in size 25 but they're a bit too big so I don't feel comfortable in them.

    I ordered some True Religions that came yesterday and I got a size 25 because I heard that they fit small but they were also too big.

    Any suggestions on a brand for me to try? I'm so tired of jeans looking saggy on my ass because they're too big. Length is an issue too, I need at least a 33" inseam.

    Any tips? I'm starting to get desperate! Thanks! :smile:
  2. Paige!! The most perfect jeans EVER!!!!!! They fit soooo great.
  3. try jbrand. They have 23!!
  4. SFAM has sizes 22 and 23.
  5. ^ yeah, SFAM is greatt!
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