Jeans for Petite Girls

  1. Everytime I try on a pair of jeans, it seems like they are made for a 6 foot model. I'm 5'2 and am in dire need of some new jeans. I hate buying jeans because it's always such a frustrating experience. I haven't been able to find a good tailor yet...whenever I get jeans tailored it never looks quite right. Anyone have any good suggestions?
  2. I am your height too, so I have to get all of my jeans hemmed. I don't think you will find any for us that don't need to be hemmed....
  3. Hey. Paige has some petite jeans now. They are not just shorter, they are also tailored for petites. Also, Joe's Jeans have the Provacatuer for petites. There is also a whole thread devoted to petites in here, and a lot of advice on jeans is in the thread.
  4. I have a very petite SIL. She is under 5 feet and about 90 lbs. She has stuggled with jeans for years. She finally got some "7" jeans and they fit her well. She still has to have them taken up but the cut and fit was the best. The jean is also cut well so that when you cut off the lenth it does not mess up the cut of the jean
  5. just keep searching for a tailor ... or take a class and learn to do it your self =) ... thats what my X GF did ... keep searching theres a good tailor out there some where
  6. Thanks guys! I just found the "Calling All Petites" thread from below also. I guess I'll be in search of those Paige jeans and a good tailor. I just hate going to a tailor, it's always such a hassle. Why can't jean/pant makers realize there's a whole section of the population that are short?
  7. better safe than sorry :smile: denim designers would rather have jeans long so that it accomodates both the tall and petite population because long jeans can be shortened whereas short jeans would only accomodate petites and it can't be lengthened.