Jeans for over 40 year olds

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  1. Hi all, I love fashion and like to keep up with it (no mom jeans for me). My problem is, though, I don't want to dress like a teenager......

    Any ideas about jeans for my age (46) that are not too low, too tight, etc. that is still fashion smart? Doesn't have to be designer; it just has to fit. I'm 5' 3" and weight 115 lbs. (on a good
  2. Hi! I'm 49, and have found that I like Gap jeans.....they seem to fit well,
    aren't cut too low, and have many styles. Plus you can get them at great
    prices. I also like Ralph Lauren jeans, too. But for the price, I've been
    buying Gap. They also have 3 lengths to choose from.

    I think I have a couple pair from Old Navy too, but really like Gap brand.
  3. Thanks so much, I'll try them. I have a few "older" Gap jeans and love them but they are getting a bit out of style.
  4. THis should not be in deals and steals...I am sure it will end up being moved. Let me say however, as a 44 year and all my friends wear Not Your Daughter's Jeans...Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, even Ebay has them. Love, love, love them. Even have my 76 year old mother in them.
  5. I'm 40 and about 5'4. I honestly haven't like the gap or old navy. For me they seemed too young and just didn't fit right.

    I have AG, Paige, and Loeffly (I think the spelling is correct) which is a newer brand seen on Jennifer Aniston. The Loeffly are fabulous. Not too low, nice dark wash.

    Good luck
  6. I'm 48 and don't want to look like a teenager either, but I love 7 for all mankind. They sit just right and are sooo flattering.
  7. 39 here. 5'4". Old Navy is too narrow for me, and I have curves! Banana Republic and J Crew jeans always fit nicely for me.
  8. Ok a guy speaking here so ignore if I'm talking rubbish. My mom is 60 years old....asks me to buy a lot of stuff here. She wants jeans and has the same problems taht you guys mentioned. I found max mara, polo, and some elie tahari jeans aren't ripped and stiched like the true religions, etc. jeans and aren't made for 20 year old bodies. If you really wanna go high end you gotta get things like escada and loro piana but those jeans cost an arm and a leg (like 500$ sticker) and are really hard to find on sale.....if you guys know other brands I would greatly appreciate.
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    GAP Bootcut, snug thru the hips/thigh, sits below waist but not too low. 7 FOR MANKIND Bootcut, same type of fit but sits lower on the waist....a little more flare at the bottom. I'm tall so you can get 35/36 inseam. GAP comes in different lengths. The GAP jeans are on sale. 25/35% off depending if you use a GAP CC.
  10. I personally like the Christopher Blue line - fashionably cuts and colors but not too expensive, not too low and have just enough stretch to make them comfy (they are at Nordstroms & Neimans) but you can find them on ebay.
  11. I'm 37 and wear Hudson jeans, Citizens of Humanity, Rich and Skinny..Never thought that there could be an age limit for wearing them..
  12. try paige jeans and seven for all mankind bootcuts
  13. Yes I forgot about Christopher Blue. Definitely a good choice.

    I really find 7 for all mankind too slim and low and I am by no means heavy. Too young for me.
  14. I think it depends on your body type, I am curvy and I love Banana Republic jeans. They also have very chic looking jeans for different body types, dark washes and straight leg and flare.
  15. i think paige are the best all around but give J brand a try - they arent so low and are really comfy. ive been after my mom forever to buy new - hipper jeans and she hates the low cut - she said she found a pair of DKNY that she loves. money should be no object when it comes to buying jeans - when you find that perfect pair its priceless!