Jeans for fall 2007?

  1. Hi all:

    What do you all think the jean trend for this fall will be?
    Do you think it will be the skinny jean again tucked into boots or the wide leg/high waisted jean?

    While I buy what works on my body and have some of both, I don't want to go buy another jean in a week or so that will be out in a month.
  2. i wonder too! i think it might be skinny, i haven't seen enough of skinny trend yet...
  3. If I were guessing, I would think that it would be two extremes for the fall:
    wide leg flares and skinny jeans. The reason I ask is that I have my eye on a pair of skinnies (that aren't drastically skinny) and they are on sale. I have noticed a lot of skinnies are on sale which makes me hesitate to buy anymore skinnies.

    For boot season though, the skinnies make sense. I like them for this and for wearing flats like ballet slippers and not having to worry about heel height as the ankle length skinnies go with anything, as opposed to my wide legs and boot cuts which are hemmed to certain heels/shoes.
  4. I have mostly seen wide legs go one sale for fall at places like Nordstrom, NM, and other stores that are previewing some of their fall merchandise. I know on the catwalk a few designers still showed skinny jeans for fall so I don't think they'll be out completely.

    I don't know if the boots tucked in look will be in. I noticed all of the new fall boots I've tried on were a lot tighter in the ankle and calf this year than they were last year. I think last year they made boots with that look in mind and designed them roomier and this year I have yet to find a boot with that much room in the leg. IMO with certain types of boots this has been considered a classic look so if it's a great look on you I would keep tucking them in.
  5. i like the wide-leg look, but it's not very flattering on me because I'm vertically challenged!
  6. the wide leg look seem to came in for a brief couple of months, and now the skinny look is back and here to stay...from what i see haha
    i like the skinny...because i am short/petit :sad:
  7. I think the trends are turning towards straight leg and wide leg (particularly high waisted). However i think skinnies will be around for a bit longer and boot cut are still fairly classic as they suit so many peoples shapes.

    Have fun shopping.
  8. I was told that the wide leg jeans will be in this fall. But that doesn't mean you can't wear any skinnies anymore...
  9. For me, I want a pair that is (1) high waisted; and (2) wide legged.

    The perfect skinny jean still eludes me ...
  10. My new Instyle says skinnies are here to stay for the fall.
  11. colored jeans are also coming back..ewwwwwww.
  12. ^^Yuck. That's a trend I def. will not be participating in!
  13. I think it's gonna be mix of everything.

    at LA market last June, I saw tons of bell bottom jeans coming in for 8-30 & up.
    bootcut is coming back too
    Wide leg jeans def. will be big
    Still saw some skinny.. mostly with side zipper or other adornments
  14. I would say wide-leg trouser like jeans. They had a few out this week already that I tried on and I really liked them. Casual yet dressy too. I'm definitely going to pick up a few pairs.
  15. I expect to see a lot of trouser jeans this fall too. In fact I have already bought a pair that I am in love with from Banana Republic.

    Nice dark wash, comfy fit, and quite a bargain at $88!! :tup: