Jeans for CURVY women!

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  1. To all of the CURVY women here...just wanted to give a heads up that EXPRESS has jeans for curvy women!!!!! So all women with a lil more booty & thighs---EXPRESS has your jeans!!!

    They're pretty light weight & stretchy comfy material.

    I just discovered this yesterday and tried them on and they are PERRRRFECT!!!

    $60 a pair- 3 different washes...and I believe size 12 is the biggest size they have..which is the size I am...:tup:
  2. Yeah!! That's why I get mine from them. They make your arse look great, too. Worth the splurge (hehe well at least for me it's a splurge, I used to buy jeans from Target all the time).
  3. hey!! I love mossimo jeans too! they're great for my figure too! the price is awesome too! :smile: I can't belive there was only one reply for this thread....where r all of the curvacious ladies at? :?
  4. Nice! I've been looking for jeans that fit curvy women..and thanks for the info..will definitely check them out soon!
  5. i dont have express here.. nay others that are good too?
  6. no express? aww..hmm..the only other jeans that fit me well were Mossimo jeans which are from Target. :yes:
  7. I find True Religion jeans are great. I'm an 8 but have a big butt!!
  8. james jeans in my experience are good for some booty and hip, as well.
  9. Antik denim. I love it! havent tried true religions but it works well, accentuates my curves without making me look fat. Lol. My butt is at least one size larger than my top.
  10. :graucho: Well, if you are curvy and bigger than a size 12, Lane Bryant always has good jeans for us size 14 and up gals. Also, I love Ralph Lauren womens jeans. I have bought a few good pairs from Jones New York,too.
  11. Gap Curvy are great.
  12. Cambio jeans fit me well. I have a tummy and a short waist.
  13. are you familiar with joe's jeans? one of their styles is called 'the honey' and perfect if you've got curves.
  14. I'm curvy and the only jeans I've ever found that fit well and looked good were True Religion Bobby (found at Saks Fifth Avenue for $90!), and Ann Taylor Loft ($60), I think it's called the "Julie" fit.