Jeans for curvier body- which are best?

  1. Hi all,

    I know the topic of jeans may have been beaten to death, but I need your opinions.

    I wear about a size 26, but have a "curvier" body type, meaning bigger bottom...

    I'm pretty boring when it comes to jeans. I find that Citizens fit me best, and I also like SFAM. Besides that, I've never traveled outside of my "comfort zone" into the vast world of denim designers.

    Reading about all the other great designers on this forum has inspired me to try a new brand, but I don't know where to start.

    Anyone with curvier body types have any suggestions? What fits best for you? Thank you!
  2. Let's see... I am ridiculously curvy, I have a tiny little waist and a big booty, so I've had some practice finding jeans!

    I actually find that different styles in the same brand fit really differently. Blue Cults always fit me well, though, so I'd check them out if I were you. I've had good luck with Guess, too (the Sweetheart style is great) and Parasuco, though I'm not sure if they're sold outside of Canada. Mavi is also good and not very expensive. And Diesel, while hit or miss, always has a few styles that look amazing on a curvy body.

    There's also a brand called Apple Bottom for women with truly extreme curves, which I've heard good things about.
  3. Joe's HOney fit
  4. i like jbrand cos it flattens my butt and slims my thighs
  5. Cambio jeans and Christopher Blue work well with my figure. I'm fairly round, although not overweight. I just have a lot of curves in the "tail" department and a bit of a belly.
  6. I've got a really tiny waist and back, but then have quite a curvy bottom, I'd say that Seven fit me best, which you already wear.

    A close second would be TR Joey's, I think the twisted seams slim your thighs.
  7. Joes Jeans has a Honey Booty fit. They're made for those who has larger assets ;) I have a friend who is a size 27 but has a rather large butt and can't find jeans in her size to fit it. She loves the Joes Honey fit.
  8. You can get House of Dereon jeans, Express jeans fit me and im very curvy to a small waist and big butt and a very small amount of hips.Yeah Apple bottoms,Rocawear.
  9. I recommend 7FAM for curvy body- it literally slims my too curvy hips.
  10. i am like a broken record when it comes to jeans...GOLDSIGN...the desire style is the VERY best imo. i have a smaller waist and big butt/thighs/hips and these are THE ONLY jeans i've ever put on they fit perfectly the first time. joe's honey's gap on me, and they are too snug in my thighs. but everyone's body is different!! i just have never been in love with any piece of clothing as much as my goldsign jeans. hth!
  11. Paige Hollywood Hills

  12. I've heard elsewhere that these are nice fitting jeans for our figure types. I'd like to try some. Where does one buy them? Anywhere on-line (hopefully!)?
  13. goldsign jeans really do fit well.
  14. That was my first thought.
  15. Gap's Long and Lean with stretch are the only jeans that will encompass my booty.