Jeans for chick with no azz

  1. Hey Ladies, I have no butt. None. My pants slide down constantly it is sooo bad. What would be some good brands to start with for jeans. I am a size 8 to 10 - Money is not an issue as much as cost vrs quality. I don't mind paying for quality but I don't want to pay for crap with a designer name.

  2. I like 7 for all mankind. They seem to fit me and i hardly ever fill pants out either.
  3. I have to say try some Seven For All Mankind jeans. I think they're pretty good in giving you a butt. Also Rock & Republic scorpions. They have pockets in the back that will definately make you look like you have a butt if you don't. The quality of both jeans are awesome as well.
  4. i have not butt as well, so i know what you mean.....
    i love paige denim
  5. Since I also have an extended back :roflmfao:, I tend to use Seven For All Man Kind, Paige (Pico and Laurel Canyon) and Rock and Republics (Roth). Another tip is to buy jeans with flap pockets. I hear the Hudson triangle pocket jeans are suppose to look good.
  6. Rock & Republic,Citizens,Raven Jeans,Cheap Monday,SFAMK helps me the best!. I am about a size 25-26 or 00 with no behind & long legs!. My favorite Jeans are R&R & Raven jeans,they fit very sexy (it looks like I have a behind).
  7. True Religion Joey Jeans.

    It's the flaps on the back pockets that give you an illusion of a butt. Trust me
  8. Yes I've heard that jeans with back pocket flaps or intricate detailing and help give the illusion of a rounder booty. Good luck!
  9. Oprah agrees with this statement- see if you can check out her jean episode
  10. R&R scorps, kurts, or jaggers! good luck! ;)
  11. The Lee company is the friend of the oft-forgotten Buttless Petite.
  12. flap pockets on the back help out a lot..
  13. I usually go for jeans with pockets in the back.

    Like some ladies suggested RnR's are really great, some of their "slimmer leg" styles have smaller back roth pockets that I seem to fill out OK. I also really like True Religion, Hudsons, and Sevens.
  14. I am a curvy eight, meaning I have a tinier waist than hips. I just recently bought the Noir Jeans from White House Black Market. They are so fabulous when I tried them on that I bought 2 pair. One with black embroidery and rhinestones and a "clean" pair. Give them a shot. I always hated jeans shopping but these really are great! Flap pockets on the back are great if you have a small tooshy.
  15. i have an ass like a man, and i've been living with skinny jeans ever since it was even "in" now i love that there's so much choice, i especially love my zara and mango jeans.