Jeans don't like me :(

  1. Anyone else out there with a curvy bod?

    After I put on some pounds due to grad school stress I haven't been able to fit nicely into ANY kinda jeans..and if I do manage to get into them...omg I look HORRIBLE!

    I guess I'm evenly proportioned as an hour glass figure...I have a thinner waistline but hips with volume ...and don't forget the butt! haha...

    Seems like with all the low rise and skinny jeans being the craze...I can't seem to fit nicely in any of them...and manage to look half decent.

    I tried on some Joe's Jean today (not da skinnies) first time attempting jeans in 2 years!!! and goodness....all it did was accentuate my butt and thighs!...I was so saddened I didn't even wana bother with ne thing else...

    ::SIGH:: Seems like if I get a low rise...I gota get like 2 sizes bigger to fit around the hips...and if i get a normal cut...then it'll fit the butt but I'll end up with huge space gaps for the waist.... :sad:

    Is my body type just meant to wear dresses forever?

    No Jeans made for SnoSno??!!?? :crybaby:
  2. Maybe Cambio jeans or Christopher Blue jeans?
  3. what waist size have you been looking at snosno? :smile:
    I am thinking that some of the seven for all mankind jeans might work.
    let us know and we can try and give you some help. Every girl needs one nice pair of jeans ;) so we will help if we can.
  4. snosno -
    i'm pretty petite, but i do have hips, thighs, and a butt. haha i love the gap curvy fit jeans. they are roomier in the butt and thighs, but don't gap in the back and fit well over my hips without being big around my waist. give them a try in the dressing room and see if you like them!
  5. I gained a little weight and I finds that Citizens and Paige jeans fit me better...try those...
  6. Also try Lucky Brand jeans.
  7. well....hehe this is kinda embarassing... :shame: I used to b a 4/6...but now I'm a steady 8...or depending on the fabric even a 10. But with jeans...i realized I have to go literally 2 sizes higher to even get it pulled above the thighs and round the hips! :sad: I think thats y its discouraging to see the sizes of the jeans go higher n higher...

    The Joe's I tried on were a 29...barely I'm thinkn ima 30.

    Thanks for the tips ladies...I truly dooo appreciate it... as this has been a struggle for me. TIA!!! :yes:
  8. ahh snosno, 30 is not embarrassing at all. In the UK, that is a size 12 which is still a great size to be, and easy to find jeans in that size! you have nothing to be worried about :smile:

    True religion are great on the butt, but are quite snug on the leg, depending on what your leg size is like.

    Have you been to levi and gap for the more classic cut jeans, they are made for a real body with a bit of a booty?
  9. I love true religions!!! they're great for curvy bodies and Rock and Republics! Those are the only two i wear. Hang in there Snosno, there are sooo many different brand of jeans, you'll find one that you love!
  10. i have the same problem as you
    i wear 2/4 tops but need to wear size 10 pants :crybaby:
    it looks so unporpotionate it makes me so concious!

    i took the girls advice on a thread about skinny jeans and i bought jbrand straight legs
    i have never had a jeans looks that nice on me for 2-3 years now since my hips and thighs keep getting bigger and bigger.

    buy jeans with a dark wash. i know they might not look as cool sometimes as those aged wash, dirty denim, crease look but anything light just makes the thigh look bigger!
  11. My friend swears by Lucky Brand jeans too.
  12. did you try joe's honeys? those are for more curvy girls. my best friend is curvy and looks great in them. she also really likes citizens ingrids and lucky lil maggies
  13. Gap and NY&Co jeans fit great when I wore your size-they made several different rises and inseams, and some fit better than others. I think if you go to the Gap, or Banana Republic, NY&Co and other stores that have a variety of lengths and rises you may find what you are looking for. The nice thing is if a really long inseamed jean fits you perfectly in the thighs, then if they are long you can always get them altered.
  14. Hi snosno, I'm a size 30 curvy grad student too, there's nothing to be ashamed of! I wear Joe's almost exclusively, you just gotta try on the right styles. I can't wear the Socialites, the most popular cut, for just the reasons you stated (too low cut, make me look awful!). I wear the Honeys in a 30 or 31 depending on the pair and I wear the Muse in a 30 as well. The Honeys are cut lower in front and higher in the back to make sure you're not showing too much off when you sit down, and the Muse jeans have a higher waisted cut but definitely not Mom jean high, just a little more coverage. I have a pair of dark wash Muses that are the perfect going out jean and wear the Honeys for everyday. Both styles have a wider cut leg so you won't have to worry about looking disproportionate. I hope this helps, you really should have good luck with Joes, just need to find the right cut! You might also try Paige Premium Denim, they're great on me and I'm built like you, small waist and junk in the trunk :graucho:

  15. Yay! I'm not alone! :upsidedown: Thanks! I made a vow not to buy jeans until I lost weight back to a 4..and well that vow has been going for 2+ years now... haha I think I lost..and must face reality and embrace my lovely curves now. I will def try out the Honeys and Muse! Is there a style/model specific to the Paige denim I should look for?? Thanks a Buncho! :graucho: