Jeans are now too short, can they be made longer?

  1. So I took some sevens to get hemmed and tried them on with sandals at the tailor...however, i forgot that I would be wearing these jeans with tennis shoes as well. So once they had been hemmed I tried them on with tennis shoes and they are a tiny bit short. I had the tailor keep the original hem on them...can a tailor make them longer? Or is it that once they have hemmed them, thats it? Thanks!
  2. You'd just have to unrole the seam and go with out. Or you could put some type of hem tape along so that it doesnt fray this way you could get away with only rolling it over once rather then twice.
  3. hem tape all the way... the very first pair of designer jeans I ever bought I took to the tailor before washing [ugh]. I had to have my mom take out the beautiful new seems, use the tape [there's a proper name for it...] and then resew the hems. The most I got back was maybe half an inch, it all depends on how the tailor did the them. Good luck!
  4. I wish I had your problem. I am short 5'1, I need all my jeans to be hemmed at least 6-8" on all jeans.
  5. i think it depends on what kind of original hem they did. if you can still see the cut fabric underneath i think you can get a little more out of it
  6. You could try washing them (or just wet them) and then stretch them a lot to get them longer. I have quite long legs and most of my jeans have been a bit too short when I bought them - I've noticed they have definitely gotten longer than they originally were! :yes: For best results ask some helping hand; I often stretch my shortest jeans with my BF and it always works like a miracle, he takes the hem part and I crab the other end of jeans and then we just stretch :p ...If you dont want the waistline to rise dont stretch that area, just stretch the leg part! I hope this helps!
  7. thanks for the tips girls! i took them back to the tailor and they said they can make them longer! thank goodness...