Jeans And Sunglasses??

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  1. how many of you bag freaks also have an issue with over spending on sunglasses and jeans?
  2. I do buy a lot of sunglaseess... but not jeans... only have several pairs
  3. i don't have a problem spending a lot on jeans.....but for some reason i can't bring myself to spend more than $300-350ish on sunglasses......which kills me because there are always chanel sunglasses i want that are just too expensive and i'm sooooo tempted to get them but i can never do it
  4. i think 300 is plenty for sunglasses.....i can't spend more than that either. but i have too many at that price!
  5. I am CRAZY for sunnies! I buy them all the time :smile: I tend to buy only Chanel, Dior and D & G. Jeans I dont go to crazy for. I mean I like them to look nice but I havent caught the bug yet for jeans that is.
  6. I'm more into the jeans than shades. I love my Chanel shades, but jeans are one of my other passions.
  7. i think they are kinda of linked up in the dna...great jeans...a good pair of shades and a killer bag and the you're set!
  8. I do spend a lot on sunglasses and jeans sometimes but I'm not obsessive with them like I am with handbags.
  9. My spring/summer uniform:

    Big shades - check
    Flawless handbag - check
    Super sexy jeans - check
    Wife Beater - check

    I can never go wrong with the above. So can you tell - I have it bad - I am addicted to jeans, sunglasses and handbags. What is a girl to do?
  10. i've got like 15 pair of sunglasses, but my issue is shoes. i currently own 69 pair.
  11. Ummm,yeah. I like premium denim like Paige,SFAM,True Religion,R&R,you name it,and I prefer Chanel sunnies. It is sad,but my summer style is LV handbag,long tanks,hoops,great sandals or flipflops,designer jeans and Chanel sunnies. I am pitiful.:love:
  12. I love sunglasses. I bought a pair of Prada's recently that were over $200. I have started to like some of the Chanel glasses.
  13. I will spend money on jeans, but not so much on sunglasses. I "splurged" on a pair of Chanel two summers ago, and they are my only pair. They were over $200 at the time.
  14. i had the denim bug last year. bought them every month, but now i stopped haven't bought a pair in a while, i just have too many! 20 something pairs of denim is more than enough. but this year i am sure i am going to buy more shades! i only have 3.
  15. I tend to spend a lot on denim because I've found that more premium lines fit me better (I have long legs and some extra junk in the trunk), but I haven't jumped on the Chanel sunglass bandwagon. I just can't justify paying upwards of $300 for plastic that I'll probably lose or sit on. I prefer Prada and Miu Miu- classic, flattering and subtle. Marc Jacobs is nice too, but also over-priced. DG has gone a bit overboard with the logos these days. I could go on and on about sunglassess..