jeans and damier

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  1. so i am going on thurs to LV and will prob end up with something from the damier line

    my question is..does it look good if you wear jeans with the damier does it look good??

    and if someone have a pic of them wearing the regular damier and or the azur that would be great :smile:

  2. Oh I don't have a pic but I wear my Saleya MM on the weekends with dark jeans, looks great! Damier is much more versatile than I ever imagined!
  3. goes with dark, name the jean..
  4. Ya.... Damier goes GREAT with dark jeans... :biggrin:
  5. Damier looks good with dark jeans.. it goes with everything, I think :yes:
  6. the Damier line pretty much goes with everything; it can be dressed up and down. here's how my Damier Duomo and Papillon 30 with jeans



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  7. thanks so much for the pics!!

    i have the damier pochette now i know that it looks good with jeans :yahoo:

    now does the azur look good with jeans as well?? that will be my next buy
  8. ^great pics!! Damier looks so cute with jeans!
  9. i think damier goes with everything :yes:
  10. yea. I think damier goes with almost everythign except for flowery dresses! Too busy. That's my humble opinion.
  11. Personally, I think Damier looks really fabulous on jeans!!!
  12. I love mine with a classy pair of jeans!
  13. Looks gorg w/ jeans! Love all my damier pieces with jeans and everything else for that matter! :smile:
  14. i always use my damier with jeans... it's a great combo!!
  15. I think jeans will look great with Damier. I wear jeans with my Suhali; I think basically everything matches with jeans.