Jeannie's Collection

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  1. I never thought I'd be taking pictures of my bags, but it's actually quite fun to hear what everyone has to say and to look at other people's collections. So I would like to share with you a part of mine :P

    I have some more back home (I'm temporarily living at a different location) but these are the ones that I brought with me. Would love to hear your comments! :biggrin:
    bags.jpg bags2.jpg
  2. Nice collection. I love the patina on your Speedy.
  3. Oh, WOW!!! LOVELY!!! The pink Balenciaga is stunning!!!
  4. That's quite the collection, I really like your Josephine !
  5. You have a very nice "traveling" collection!
  6. Pretty collection.

    What is the small bag in front of the Josephine? Is the color moss or tan? Its so cute!
  7. Nice
  8. That's a tan color gucci, which I got in Sydney 5 or so years ago. It was originally a little bit brighter but the years have slightly dulled(?) the color. But I still think the color looks fine... agree? :P
  9. Love the green Gucci horesbit and the Pink B-bag! Great collection!
  10. Love the pink Balenciaga :love:
  11. Great collection. Lot's of great stuff in there!
  12. Lovely collection :nuts: and that pink Balenciaga is to die for :love: I wish I had one :love: I looooove pink :love: (looks like bubblegum):P
  13. I must have missed this. Great collection! You have some fab bags.
  14. Beautiful! I love that red Fendi!:nuts:
  15. I love all of your bag. You've got great taste.