Jeannie is here...souvenir of Russia?...indirectly!

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  1. Here's Jeannie..our Russian Souvenir of sorts...we got the news while having dinner at Cafe Pushkin in Moscow...from our Hermes Adonis Goddess..."Mrs. P...Happy news!"
    Waaaaw cries Mrs. P...I want to go home now! Here she is...her latest toy.


    With her siblings:


    What should be her next color? Raisin? Vert anis...I say yes to this...Ostrich in Fuschia? Not for a while...all this in 4-5 months...wallet's crying OUCH!!! LOL...
  2. I can't see pictures!!! I need to see Jeannie!! Lol!
  3. Can't see it either. I thought it was just my pc. :borg1:
  4. lol...maybe she will return. Give it a bit.
  5. :nuts: so exciting! can't wait to see it!!!!
  6. Wanna see!!!
  7. Hey everyone...what's going on? I can see pictures but not others???!!
  8. WOW!!!! Gorgeous again :heart::heart:
    MrsP is very lucky.
    Love Blue Jean
  9. PP, congrats! A beauty!

    For Mrs PP's next, my vote is for classic black, but then again I am biased as I am happy with all black bags!!
  10. The fabulous 4!!!!! Gorgeous, Congratulations!!!
  11. Gorgeous!!! I love Blue Jean as it was stole my heart in the first place!!!
    What a great collection for only 5 months!!! WOW!
  12. Beautiful collection! Mr. P, I love to read your posts, your enthusiasm and support for your wife's Hermes collection is so wonderful to read. You have such a lovely family! I am sure this has been asked before but perhaps your wife can tell us how she has trained you?

    I would say, let her enjoy the fantastic color ranch she has amassed and in a year or so get her a 30 in croc. (not that you asked me, lol) Just think of it in terms of 3.5 bags = 1 croc and it won't hurt so much. Plus you'll keep the extra closet space.:flowers:
  13. Can Jeannie grant me a wish too? Hey, glad you got your blue!!! Champagne toast to you!
  14. Yay Jeanie!!! She is stunning!!!:love:
    Wonderful collection Mr P!!!

    I say Vert anis for the new sister!! COngratulations to Mrs P!
  15. All of those in just 4-5 months?? WOW!!! I guess I missed something - thought she just had the gold. They're all stunning and you're a very generous husband!