1. So! today I went to my local store and happend to see the new Jeanne displaying inside the store, I want there just to see this bag and to ask the SA some questions

    so here are the photos!

    well actually there's another one, the smaller one.. also looks fab! :yahoo::yahoo: really wanted one but cannot affort it right now:sweatdrop:

    anyway, there's a sale at the store (Gaysorn,Bangkok)
    - Gaucho Denim Double Saddle and tote are on 50%off
    - Gaucho Blue medium
    - Detective Small in white and black
    and there's some others too.

    About the :heart:Gaucho!!:heart: I've ask the SA weather it will be discontinue or not, and she said.. No, it will not be discontinue so soon cause the store will still reciving them, but some are on sale such as Blue leather, Yellow leather or Denim because its just a fasion treandy which not last long. so for anybody like me who are saving up for the Gaucho... feel free dont need to hurry:graucho: