Jeanne Bag - Nubuck care

  1. Hi guys:

    I got a Jeanne bag in ivory. It is made of nubuck and I am not familiar with this leather. I won't use it until Spring. But, need some tips on what I can protect it with so that it won't get stained. And if it does get stained how does one clean it?

  2. Ooh congrats, nice choice.

    Always keep it in the dust bag when not in use and for cleaning there is a nubuck pad or you can use the nubuck cloth and cleanser.

    Also if you get any fading or marks that won't come off with the above cleaning there is a kit which is a colour cleanser to restore the colour.

    Nubuck protection spray could be good too.

    And there's always dior themselves that offer a cleaning service.

    This site has some good products:
  3. Thanks Ultimatechic. Does this website have all the products you are talking about or is there some specific ones you would recommend?
  4. Any ideas?