Jeanna's Collection

  1. I mostly lurk here, but I think it's time to post more, so here's my little collection! :heart:

    The pics are in the order I acquired my bags over the last couple of years. Except there is a pic limit, so I left out three that you can see well in the group shot.

    (my first purse! no longer in use and kept for sentimental purposes)

    [Monogram Papillon 26]


    [Medium Cambon tote]


    (GREAT deal. On sale for like $250 @ Nordstrom)

    (on sale from LVR, thanks to PF)

    [BV Veneta hobo]
    (on sale from bluefly, again thanks PF!)

    The family!

    Hopefully I can get a new purse to add to my collection next month for my 20th birthday! I have a few ideas... :idea:
  2. Oops, I think maybe some of your pics didn't come through{?} Some bags have the wrong name.

    GREAT collection!
  3. Great collection! I looooove the black with white CC's Medium Cambon and Veneta hobo! :nuts:
  4. lovely collection! :love:
  5. Great collection!
  6. nice!
  7. There's a photo limit of 8 and so I deleted a few pictures and replaced them with the names with brackets around them. You can see them in the group photo anyway.

    Thanks everyone!! :smile:
  8. Love the Chanels and BV- and the color of the Novak is tdf!
  9. Great collection!
    Your Chanels rock
  10. what a happy looking family :smile: great collection!
  11. love the novak!
  12. ^:yes::yes::yes:, Congrats!
  13. Love your chanels
  14. very nice collection!! thanks for posting :heart:
  15. Love your collection!!!