Jeanine Payer Jewelry

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  1. Does anyone own any Jeanine Payer jewelry? I love her stuff and I want to buy a bracelet, but I'm worried that the engraving will wear or rub off after a while. I don't think this would happen as much with necklaces, but what has been your experience? TIA!
  2. One of my teachers in high school was Jeanine Payer's mother. I don't own any of her jewelry but I loved the pieces that my teacher wore. Her designs are so elegant and modern.
  3. LOVE IT!
    SO pretty ! The engravings stays on fine- and I didn't realize this but the chain is all HANDMADE too! :love:
    The clasp is even so original!

    This is my engraving-
    "Out beyond idead or wrongdoing and right doing there is a field. I'll meet you there." Rumi

    I think thats so SEXY! lol. But yeah, its very special to me because it reminds me in this very black and white enviorment in which i live to remember to be grey, and have compassion :heart:
    jeanine.JPG jean 2.JPG

  4. I love the inscription. IT looks so pretty on you.
  5. :huh:Ooh I have the other one that looks very similar to that one... it's such a great everyday piece. It says, "The soul is here for its own joy." -Rumi.

    I also think it means so much more when there's a meaning to the piece.
    cOngrats, and where it in good health~!
  6. I've never seen these pieces before, they're beautiful!
  7. I have loved her pieces for a long time. Please post photos of what you choose.
  8. I have been collecting Jeanine Payer's pieces for years and have many of them - bracelets and necklaces (no earrings or rings). The quality is excellent and I have not noticed any wear to the inscriptions. I'd be happy to post pictures if anyone is interested; I have several of the older, limited edition "books" she did as well.
  9. I really like some of her pieces! I wish they cost a bit less though. The "sunset" necklace caught my eye- love the message.
  10. I have gotten several of her pieces for very good prices on eBay. It's worth checking back to see if what you want comes up...
  11. I love her pieces...I have 2 rings that I've gotten on sale at 2 different sites. Don't worry about the engraving wearing off - that won't happen. Her jewelry is quite expensive, but you are paying for the work, not necessarily the materials - each piece is totally hand-made!
  12. ^ Are there any stores you used in particular? I've googled and there are tons, but none that I can find w/ sale sections. Red Envelope has coupon codes, but a very limited selection.
  13. I know I got one ring on sale at - I think the other one came from
  14. Thanks, mistikat and bisbee!