ok hope this is the right place to do this swmof3. :confused1:Has anyone dealt with this co- just wnated to see if jeans authentic before i purchase! thanks!!!! ;)
  2. I don't know if this is legit but there are a couple of websites that use the same pictures but all have different urls. I would be wary...
  3. They seem like a legitimate business, but whether they sell authentic goods is a completely different question. I would be wary of any place that sells Juicy, denim labels that are faked a lot, AND Bebe but has no brick and mortar (physical) store, and charges a 15% restocking fee for all returns.
  4. they are gross fakes, stay away. it is illegal to sell fakes so i doubt that makes them a legitimate business.
  5. Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaake!!!!!!!!!!!! Stay away! :tdown:

    If you're looking for cheap designer jeans, check TJ Maxx. They have lots for <$60 right now!
  6. Overstock, Bluefly, and Amazon have all been known to peddle fakes every now and then and I'm betting that you would consider them legitimate businesses. Companies that aren't authorized retailers cannot completely foolproof against selling fakes simply because of the nature how they obtain their discounted goods, whether that be from surplus, damaged/irregular stock, store liquidation, customer returns, "reputable distributors", etc. It's a gamble you as a customer take.

    What I meant by legitimate business is that they aren't one of those shady companies that use PO Boxes or hide their physical address/IP, making me wonder if they plan to take your money, send you fakes or nothing at all, and then disappear into oblivion when you contact them. I'm pretty sure they sell fakes, but hey, you never know, there may be a pair or two in their inventory that is authentic and someone who is willing to take a big risk will score a great deal!
  7. ^ Like someone else mentioned, this isn't their only site. It's several sites run by the same people and all they sell is counterfeit merchandise. My guess is that it's a big distributer that is either based in China or orders directly from Chinese factories. I have unfortunately dealt with these people (via Amazon Marketplace). They're running a huge business and they run it well, but they are indeed scammers :tdown:
  8. Oh, didn't realize anyone had actually shopped with them before. That sucks. I'm sorry you got scammed by them. I've stopped purchasing anything from companies that aren't authorized distributors because I've been scammed way too many times and it's embarrassing and frustrating. Booooo scammers :tdown:.
  9. i can tell right away from their pics that the jeans are fake. i think it would be highly unlikely that they would have a picture of a fake up, and then send you a real item.
  10. Thank you guys so much- i admit I was so tempted by the true religion kates but then i did some research and discovered kates always have lycra and are not 100% cotton like the ones form this website... thanks again!!!!