JEANHOLIC - What else is competing with handbags for my money???

  1. JEANS!! :P

    I absolutely loveee jeans. As a full-time student I can wear it 24/7 so it's definitely worth it to me! However I collect them more than I wear them so some of them still have the store tag on them :shame:

    pic1. 2 pairs per plastic hanger, the smaller ones carry one pair.
    pic2. SFAM Flynts and Apockets
    pic3. SFAM bootcuts, rockers, and lilys.capris, skirt, shorts on last row
    pic4. Paige's!!
    pic5. Frankie B's and AG's and my one lone pair of COH
    pic6. d&g (by Dolce&Gabbana) skinny jeans and skirt
    IMG_5826.jpg 0706-7s_1.jpg 0706-7s_2.jpg 0706-Paiges.jpg 0706-FBAG.jpg 0706-DG.jpg
  2. ^whoops! I forgot that I saved the pics with watermarks, ignore the watermark.
  3. wow you have alot of designer denim:supacool: . I dont own as much I only have 7 pairs,and my mom thought that was alot!. Which ones do yo use the most?
  4. Wow, you've got alot! How do you tell them all apart? jw
  5. I LOVE your collection Jen, but I'm sure you already know that!
  6. Wow, that is a nice collection of jeans =)
  7. That is a LOT of jeans ! But I hear you on the student thing, I basically live in mine all the time during the school year !
  8. I can tell that you love SFAM a lot.. How about RR and TR, do you like them?
  9. My mom told me mine's all look the same :shame:

    My mom said the same thing!! :P They're coordinated by hangers. Bottom row SFAM is on white hangers and Paige is on green. Top row Frankie B on green, AG on white and capirs/skirts/shorts on single hangers.

    Thank you! ;)

    Thanks daffie!

    The one perk to being a student :graucho:

    I lovee RR, especially the VB crown ones, and TR too but I can never find a pair that fits right :sad: If you have any suggestions, I would appreciate it!
  10. Wow that's a lot of jeans. Where do the rest of your clothes live?
  11. The other 2/3 of the closet that's too messy to be shown and then 1/2 are in the spare room's closet :rolleyes:
  12. Jen, my favorite TR is Joey basic stretch.. it's so comfy... maybe you want to check 'em out...
  13. are a jean holic......i've got 8pairs.....thats enough 4 me
  14. WOOWWW
    That's a lot of jeans....Nice collection
  15. Love your jean collection!! I love jeans too, I would wear them all of the time if I could. I especially love your COH skull and bunny jeans! How do you like them?? I've been contemplating buying them...