Jeana6256 Growing Collection

  1. These have all been acquired in about a year WHOAAA I am seriously on a ban (until LVOE debuts)
    Louis Vuitton-7.jpg Louis Vuitton-collection2.jpg Louis Vuitton-Collection.jpg Louis Vuitton-10.jpg Louis Vuitton-11.jpg
  2. Love your collection-
  3. Gorgeous LV collection!
  4. Gorgeous LV collection. Love the dentelle speedy!:drool:
  5. Gorgeous collection!
  6. What a great collection...
  7. So pretty.
    You really went on a shopping bender to buy all of that in a year!! haha.
    Thanks for sharing.
  8. love all the accessories!
  9. Love the miroir and mini lin!
  10. Great collection!
  11. I love all of your bags!
  12. Love your lv's!
  13. Wow!!wow!!wow!!
  14. Great collection! Love Dentelle!
  15. Gorgeous collection!