jean sizes

  1. what does a size 27 jeans convert to? Like, size 4,5,6,7,??
  2. generally a 4
  3. Thanks!
  4. no problem!
  5. the sizes thing confused me a lot. usually i wear a 26 or 27 levi's depends on the style. but on my last purchase, i fit in size 25.
    and usually i go for size 2 or 4
  6. i usually wear 26 but sometimes 25:biggrin:
  7. I usually wear a size 27 but latley I have been purchasing size 26
  8. I wear a joes 27, AG in 28 and paige...any idea how Goldsign runs? I think its the same designer that makes AG. Should I get 27?28 Help!
  9. Yah, I think it also depends on the brand. I'm usually a 23 in SFAM but can fit 24 or even 25.
  10. It also depends on the cut of the particular style. In most brands and styles I wear either a 28 or a 29 (I usually take an 8 or occasionally a 6 in American sizes) but I tried on a pair of Joes the other day and the 30 was too tight! :cursing: And I have an old pair of Parasuco 27's that fit fine. Sizing is so weird and non-standard.
  11. this discussion is why it is SO hard to buy jeans online. I range from a 24-26, and that variation can be in 1 brand!
  12. I had the same problem with Joe's. I wear a 26 in SFAM, Miss Sixty, D&G and Versace Jeans. I had come to believe that I was just a universal 26. I was SO excited to find a pair of Joe's at Marshall's in a 26 for $30. Now I need to drop 10 pounds if I want to wear since I can barely pull them on - never mind button them. Just when I thought waste-based sizes were more reliable too!

    I had the same problem picking out jeans for my sister for Christmas the Lucky and Hale Bob jeans in 29 were a little big but she can make do while the R&Rs (also 29) had the most ridonculous fit ever. Way too tight in the thighs, huge in the waste. They were cut for Humpty Dumpty or something.
  13. A 3 or a 5 juniors, 4 womens.
  14. I wear a 24 in regular Seven (25 in A pockets) and 24 in COH, but my latest Goldsign (Frontier style) was snug even in 25. They run a little smaller than Seven, COH, AG, True Religion.

    My new favorite jeans are William Rast skinny jeans. I LOVE the way they fit, and the legs are long and slim!
  15. Hi guys,:heart: Please help, I dont understand american sizes:crybaby: Everywhere the sizing is different. I have orded jeans size 28" which I usually buy here in UK, but jeans were too big:confused1: And what are the numbers 1/2, 3/4 etc.? My waist is 27-28", hips 34-35", which number suits me?