Jean sizes - Help!

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  1. I'm unfamiliar with how some jean sizes are labeled. When someone says '28' I'm assuming they mean inches - is that the same as say size 0 or 1? Thats the only scale I go buy. I'm confused, someone help :sad:
  2. Its just the jeans size label. like many of my 27's are actually 14.5-15 inches when you measure the waist band laying flat (low rised). I have no idea what the 0-2-4-6 ect sizes mean, if anything at all. Sizing is so inconsistent and I'm all over the board when it comes to jeans vs pants :Push:
  3. Hey! Oh man, I was so confused by the whole numerical thing too when I first started out... I was like :weird:

    But the scale runs like this:

    23-24 = 00 - 0
    25 - 26 = 2

    and so on and so forth. I'm assuming a 28 would be around a 4, but don't quote me on that.
  4. Awesome, thanks Jen! Thanks nawth!

    Now I'm sad though, lol. I was eyeing those 7 jeans in The Marketplace, but size 4 (anything equal to or between 2 and 4 really) is too big for me.
  5. if it helps, i think that eluxury has a conversion guide for the sizes on the page where you view the pair of jeans.
  6. Aww don't worry, jeans in your size will come around.
  7. size 28 is an italian 42, 26 is a 40 and so on....i'm sorry, i can't help you!
  8. The guidelines above are correct but there are so many differences-- I have jeans that vary from wash to wash even within the same style/cut -- one of my pairs is a 26, one a 28, most are 29. Stretch jeans seem to run a tiny bit smaller than 100% cotton, in my experience.
  9. I'm an 8 and can wear a 29 or 30 depending on the brand.
  10. Hi, I hope this helps: I wear a size 24 and the waist (around) on those is generally between 26.5 - 27.5".
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