Jean Schlumburger tor Tiffany

  1. I'm sure I am misspelling that name-sorry. Does anyone know the price of the beautiful jewel-toned enamel bracelets by this artist?
    I saw them at the Tiffany's in NYC last week, but the store was so busy I could not get an assistant to show one to me. I'm sure they are way out of my price range anyway.
  2. oh i love Tiffany's Jean Schlumberger:love: Extraordinary pieces.
  3. I looked at a couple 2 years ago, but they also had diamonds on them...not just plain enamel and they were in the range of $25,000 each.
  4. U can go to, the prices are all there. And yes they are awfully expensive. Anything with the guy's name is superbly costly.
  5. Drool!!!! LOVELY!