Jean Sample Sale in Los Angeles

  1. Warehouse jean sample sale is happening next weekend in the Los Angeles Convention Center. I have been to a few of these sales and they are pretty good! The last time I was able to purchase a pair of Rock n Republic,Chip n Pepper and Blue Cult for good prices. Happy Shopping! :nuts:

    Welcome to The Warehouse Sale
  2. i wish i can go there!!
  3. I rsvped to be there on Sat, but I was wondering, how much were the prices of the jeans that you purchased last time?

    I am just wondering if it is compareable to Lisa Kline Alley/Outlet sales... There they have a lot jeans are marked at $25 flat...

    TIA! :girlsigh:
  4. Here are the prices:

    Rock N Republic - $109
    Chip N Pepper - $59
    Blue Cults - $69
  5. I been to a few of the warehouse sample sales here in the San Francisco/ and last week in San jose. We usually pay for the VIP tickets just to try to get the better selection. I got some Joe Jeans for 89, Hudsons, 89 and Chip N Pepper for 89
  6. Good Deal! I was planning to go maybe I should get some VIP tickets too to get the best selection.
  7. Thanks much! The only reason why I got the VIP tickets was because they usually run out of my size by the time that I get there. Besides, $15 for a better selection could so be worth it.

    Thanks again!
  8. Make sure you go early before it even opens cuz there will be a line
  9. Do you know if you can try the jeans on there?
  10. hi! ive been to sale...ive been able to get my hands a couple of ed hardy shirts for like 15 bucks a pop...soo not too bad...and yes u can try the stuff on..though its 1 BIG dressing room...i usually wear a dress since so many ppl wait to try stuff on! speeds up the process! have fun ladies!
  11. thank you!