Jean Recommendation for Big bottom and hips

  1. Guys
    I was just wondering if you have any jean Recommendation for Big bottom and hips
    I love jeans but i barely ever buy them as the never fit right!

    I have rather a large bottom n hips So i always look rubbish in most jeans!
    Im not really looking for a pair that make my bottom look smaller or anything(lol if anything i would rather they didnt):crybaby:
    I been looking at some Rock And Republic ones but i very much doubt I would get a nice fit
    I loved J-Lo's Ones in the video love don't cost a thing!! Does anyone know where they are from?
  2. Joe's in Honey Booty fit are like THE jeans for girls with a butt. I haven't tried them, but I know a lot of girls swear by them. I also like 7 For all Mankind A-pockets and signature bootcuts. They stretch to fit the curves & look flattering on almost everyone. I've seen J. Lo wearing A-pockets and they look really good on her IMO!

    As for the video, I couldn't get a clear picture of the backpockets, but they look a little bit like Rock and Republic. I'm not sure...

  3. i have the same jean issues like you. after lots of tries, i've finally found two brands i love. first, joe's jeans! Instead of the honey fit, i go for the muse fit because they're more comfortable since it's more of a wider leg then the honey fit. second, ag jeans. their angel fit is really good for curvy bottomed folk like us. plus, the boot leg cut is really flattering and the denim has a VERY forgiving stretch.:okay:
  4. I have two pairs of Joe's, Provaceteur and Honey. Also a pair that fits me well is Juicy.
  5. count me in on the ag angel jeans. they are awesome for girls with curves...
  6. try citizens of humanity ingrids/kelly or joe's honeys. they are best for girls w/ booty/hips.
  7. I only wear joe's honey booty and joe's muse! they fit nicely!
  8. 7FAM Dojo's are amazing, and I found Lucky Brand to be very forgiving, sleek, and flattering.
    Of course darker washes in any style will help streamline you.
    I have stouter legs and childbearing hips (LOL) so I get all my jeans altered.
  9. Yes, Joe's Muse or Honey are tdf!!

    I also found a pair of Old Navy dark denim jeans...a bit of stretch and just below the wait with a wider leg like Joes. A STEAL for $15!!!