Jean Jacket Advice Sought: A Clueless and Pitiful Plea

  1. I received one as a gift. If I have ever had one before, it was so many centuries ago that I don't recall it, and the things are so ubiquitous that I have not really paid attention to what looks good and bad with them.

    I am more of a cardigan person, so I find that I am completely clueless with my jean jacket, and stand bewildered, holding the jacket at arm's length and gazing at it with furrowed brow.:wondering

    Clearly, I am in serious need of the expertise of my sisters here.

    It is what I guess is the classic style, with the 4 pockets in front, the brand is Calvin Klein, if that will give you a mental image of it. It is blue, medium wash.

    So, jean jacket owners, with what do you wear - and never wear - your jean jacket?

    And what are your views on collarhood? I don't wear collars as a rule, in fact, I think this is the only garment I own that has one.

    I tried turning it up, but our (Exceptionally Intelligent and Advanced) godson thinks that looks just a bit too runway, but he does not see what to me is a huge difference between collar tucked in, and collar worn normally, which makes me think his eye may still have some refining to do. Also, at nine, I think he may be coming from a strong elementary school influence, and collar up might not be too runway for me?

    If it helps, I am 5'2" and a fraction, straight black hair, layers, right above shoulder, messy, weight fluctuates between 125 and well, more than that. I am in the process of shedding some pounds gained during a Terrible Cold situation that developed some issues.

    Anyway, back to the jacket. With what do I wear it? I'm not crazy about the idea of denim and denim, but I'm not sure if my instinct is right, or if that is an idiosyncrasy I need to just get over.

    I have pants in every neutral, many are jeans, those that are blue are dark, and there is one pair that is a bit lighter than medium but stops short of the pallid Swamp Region Roller Rink wash. And there is a respectably varied assortment of available tops to wear under it. And bling. I'm sure there must be rules about jean jackets and bling.

    In fact, I'm sure there are established rules for every aspect of jeanjacketwearingology, and that some can be broken, and others not, but I have no idea what they are.:confused1:

    I am very grateful for your help in this matter.
  2. 1. Do not wear denim & denim together! :biggrin:
    The bling, bling issue, well.. I think hoop earrings worn with denim jackets look too ghetto fab'. Denim jackets are so casual, I don't think that hardly any jewellery should be worn in the same outfit.. allthough ethnic jewellery would look great (wooden bangles & beads) :yes:
    Jean jackets look great with basic pencil- or very whooshy skirts, never A-line skirts. And for pants maybe khaki, but I don't think wide pants look good with jeans.
    And for the collar wear it how you like it, I don't think its too runwayish if you hold it up, but if the collar is bothering you, why not wear a scarf?
  3. I have a medium wash destroyed jean jacket and I find it easy to wear it with mostly anything. Sometimes I'll match it w/khakis and a tight fitting tee then on other days I might wear it w/ blue jeans and a polo shirt. I really like denim jackets and that maybe some small earrings can be worn as an accessorie with it. As for putting the collar up, I don't think its a problem but on me it would probably look like high runway fashion because I'm not use to it but on someone else it could like awesome. You just have to try to play it into your style because I'm kind of fashion clueless. I do know how to pick out a nice pair of jeans, polo, and timberlands though.:yes:
  4. Pare denim jackets with black skinnies, a long-ish flowing top. Add on pointy pumps, a great bag, and you're ready to go.
    NO blue denim on denim. And make sure the black is JET BLACK
  5. agree on the no denim and denim rule - just too much. last summer there was a pic of Uma Thurman (i am trying to find a picture) and she wore a jean jacket with a kind of long flowy skirt - looked fab. for this spring summer I agree on pencil skirt and tee or over a sweater dress with leggings.
  6. I also agree with the "no demin and denim" rule. It's too '80s IMO. I wear my medium wash denim jacket with khakis. I'm still trying to find other things to wear it with. I just bought a black INC denim jacket that has a skull and cross bones on the back in rhinestones from Bloomingdales. This jacket I will wear when I'm riding my Harley-Davidson motorcycle. I think you need to just throw the jacket on with a lot of different things and see how it looks. Just remember not to wear it with denim in the same wash.
  7. Thanks to all for your help. This is making me feel really good, because so far what it seems to look best with, to me, are any pants in the beige to khaki family.

    I tried it with gray and brown jeans, but I don't know, it just didn't pop or something.

    vogue, I do have some jet black jeans, but they are such lint magnets that I seldom wear them! And thank you so much, you are absolutely right that a longish flowing top looks great! I swapped out the pointy pumps for ballet flats though, my relative foot to leg length ratio precludes pointy toes unless I am planning to appear as the letter L, which I refuse to do without receiving some kind of honorarium, and so far offers are holding steady at zero.

    LOL ruusu, you say this like ghetto fab is a bad thing. ;) I have a pair of small (bit more than an inch) thin gold hoops that I wear all the time, and the jacket doesn't seem to be bothered by them one way or the other. I do have a lot of worldbling, not much of it is wooden, though, I will have to try the few pieces that are.

    I am very gratified to learn that my misgivings about wearing it with blue denim pants were correct, and remonb, I am just going to put that collar proudly up and chance appearing too runway in the eyes of fourth graders. Sometimes we have to step up, be bold, take these risks. :smile:

    lara I do think I have at least one long flowy skirt somewhere, and I fully intend to try it as soon as I can find the skirt.
  8. I am going to have to 5th the no denim/denim rule. I've found that my denim jacket looks good with the t-shirt/casual skirt/flip-flop combo. :yes:
  9. That's great advice!