Jean Dye Rubbing onto Honey Spy :(

  1. I carry my honey spy close to my body when carrying it in my hands and I've found that the dye in my dark jeans have been rubbing off onto the nappa leather!!

    Anyone experience this? Should I try the cleaners that I've found from browsing threads?

    Does Fendi do "Spa Treatments" for their bags like Hermes does for their handbags?
  2. Oh, I'm so sorry, sweetie! That bites. My advice is as follows:

    1. Do not attempt to use any cleaners yourself. We typically overdo it and end up with a pale patch.

    2. If you're going to try anything, try a baby wipe gently dabbing.

    3. What I TRULY recommend, go to either a Fendi dealer or a trusted cobbler to remove the stain. Depending on where you are, there are great handbag restorers. I know one in San Diego, if you need one.

    Good luck! :heart:BL
  3. Something similar happened to a Fendi purse of mine. I wouldn't use a cleaner, it's too harsh and may cause more damage. I was told that this type of leather just wears like this.
  4. I have a cream spy and had the same problem. Cos the nappa leather is untreated it stains easily. I was lucky cos the denim didn't rub off too much on my bag.

    IMO (everyone might not agree) is that if I condition the leather enough it will be less inclined to absorb other things (like denim colour). And cos it is well "moisturised" and conditioned whatever rubs off on it will be less inclined to "stick".

    I don't know if that makes sense but so far my cream spy has kept it's colour well and it is very clean. :yahoo: Hope that helped!

    (BTW I use Collonil Classic Ultra cream in 050 farblos. I used a whole tube on my spy and she lapped it all up. I've attached photos. This was what the SA at the Fendi store in Bondi, Sydney told me to use)
    IMG_2361_1.jpg IMG_2362_1.jpg
  5. That's why I seldom let my bags hang around my jeans if I'm wearing a dark pair that day. I would go to a reputable bag restorer for that.
  6. I have had a few little stains on my honey and white Spies and have used my balenciaga cleaner from LMB which has worked very well. You just have to be very careful you don't rub too hard and take the colour off!
  7. I had this happen with a Dior gaucho of mine, I just used a damp rag and keep wiping the mark it came right off