Jean Chatzky's Comment on Chanel

  1. "A Wall-Street journal article interviewed a 21-year old girl with a Chanel bag. That alone in and of itself is appalling, a 21-year old with a Chanel bag!" For those not familiar with her, she's a rather famous financial advisor, author of many books, etc.

    I thought this was both funny and uncomfortable. As a 22-year old who carries Chanels, I often wonder what older women think. I've definitely seen some interested glances from older women coming my way: I can't tell if they're appraising, admiring or simply abhored at the fact that this YOUNG GIRL is carrying a $2,000 bag (it doesn't help that I look about 17, either).

    Whether it's conscious or not, I think most of us feel that we should have a certain amount of financial, personal and professional success in order to warrent carrying such expensive bags -- and if we don't, why are bags even a priority? I think most of us DO feel that our Chanels are in some way a reward to ourselves.

    What do you ladies think about young women carrying expensive purses? I know that personally, I think it's strange for anyone under 35 to own a Birkin -- but is it really any different with Chanel? It's all relative and while Chanels are relatively affordable/reasonable than Birkins, they are not when compared to Coach. At what point is one brand okay for a certain age group but not another?

    Your thoughts?
  2. If she takes care of her baby(s) i don't care how old she is. A purse love is a purse lover
  3. "A Wall-Street journal article interviewed a 21-year old girl with a Chanel bag. That alone in and of itself is appalling, a 21-year old with a Chanel bag!"

    Well, number one, she is a FINANCIAL ADVISOR so obviously she would find anyone who carried any type of expensive/outrageously priced bag appalling! It is a 'waste of money' to her.

    She is probably also of an 'old mindset'- maybe if she said a 12 year old or something extreme like that then we would think that is kinda strange, maybe it's her mom's bag lol- but 21- there is nothing unusual or appalling imo about that.

    If you can afford to carry a Chanel or Hermes bag who cares how old you are?!
    And if you choose to 'invest' your money in expensive bags than that is your business.

    I think most of us DO feel that our Chanels are in some way a reward to ourselves.

    ^^I do agree w/that.

  4. I really hate comments like this, does it really matter how old you are in order to carry a certain type of bag? As long as you wear you bag with pride, thats all that should matter, simple as!
    I'm 15 and recently purchased my first Chanel bag last week whilst down in London (Jumbo Classic Flap, Lambskin) and I know when I do wear it for the first time, it will be with total pride. And I honestly wouldn't give a second thought to someone who wants to judge me on the type of bag i'm carrying at a certain age!
  5. :boxing: Put 'em up, Jean!! :boxing:
  6. blah blah blah bean counters blah blah blah
  7. If I see someone very young carrying an expensive bag, I am envious of them! More power to them if they're able to afford such an expensive bag at such a young age. And if they happen to be trust fund kids, or kids whose parents treat them to nice things, then the only thing I think is, "can I put myself up for adoption??" *L*
  8. I never really tried to guess someone's age when I see her carrying a nice bag. I'm too fixated on the bag to care what she looks like!
  9. i don't know :p
    i think this kinda been discussed too many times and always created controversy are between independent women who comes from nothing and valued the bags because they worked like hell to have one which don't agree with the topic, and youngsters who carried designer bags and mothers who bought their daughters designer bags.

    from what i see is this.
    i'm not comfortable "thinking" of girls still in school or college carrying obvious designer bags. but i've been "seeing" young girls as young as 15 carrying chanels and LVs and i honestly don't really have a problem at all.
    but of course what they carry are "reasonable" chanels and LVs like monogram speedy not a 2000$ multicolore speedy or any LE items, and the chanels are small sling cute ones not from obvious lines like the modern chain, coco cabas or something trendy.

    and honestly, after i see the OC with mischa in high school carrying those bags, who would not want to have those if they or their parents can afford it?
    and when i read teen mags like teen vogue with all the celeb kids and rich kids wardrobes, who wouldn't want to have those?

    when i was 15, which is like 14 yrs ago, i'm not seeing those, i don't even know a chanel or LV.

    things are going a different way now than the old days i think :p

    what troubled me is :
    IF the kids who's still in school or college who don't have their own income bragging for designer bags or designer clothes to their parents.
  10. I don't mean to start a controversy -- I'm genuinely interested in what people think, regardless of whether or not their opinion happens to be one I also hold.

    I posted this because I was concerned that older women ARE looking at me in a less than flattering way -- It's not worth it to me to worry about what other people might think. I'm obviously paranoid, however, because from the posts thus far, I don't think most older ladies here give a hoot who carries what! Which is great... definitely makes me feel better! :smile:

  11. i don't mean to offend u in any way :p
    adn i'm glad that u still carry ur bags no matter what people think...
    i'm 29 myself and most of the times i look 20, even last year when i'm on holiday, a guy thought i was still in high school :wtf:
    it's not about your age, it's about how you carry the bag, and not the bag carrying you :yes:
    people's should not be too prejudiced, and i admit maybe sometimes the "gross" looks on you comes from jealousy LOL
  12. I'm 23 and have been carrying LV bags since high school, and Chanel since 2005. I think it depends on where you live.....but I too have sometimes had older ladies look at my bag......I just ignore their stares. And I'm not even sure what they are thinking either!!!:p
  13. it has to be said, I carry chanel but (much like you intlset) was stunned to see in the April issue of Harper's Bizarre the accessory listed in the "dress age appropriately" section for girls in their 20's was a Hermes Flat Kelly Bag.

    where does it end?
  14. First of all, 20+ is plenty old enough to carry ANY brand of bag. My hopes are that 1., the person purchased the bag themselves (not mommy or daddy) & 2.,please don't buy fakes! UUGH!!! Yes, bags are luxuries not neccesities but if you work hard enough to afford it where it proudly! Plus, less obvious bags (not covered in logo) are usually classier & less conspicuous. Wear the bag for you, not others.
  15. Times have changed from when I was a teenager (I'm now in my 30s), I was one of those kids who was oblivious to designer labels. Once I was no longer a youngling seeing high end bags on a young person used to cause me to think wow they carry [insert label], but over time I've come to realise that kids grow up a lot faster these days so I'm no longer surprised. Also, we all come from so many different economic backgrounds, one person (young or older) has to save for their desired bag, another person gets it as a gift from parent etc, another person is very wealthy. Also, it basically depends on what your priorities are. I once saw a programme about a young university student (male) who invested his money in houses and was on his way to becoming wealthy. So where we 'invest' our money is our own business, but I don't want a closet full of bags if it's a serious detriment to my financial well being (BTW I don't have any nice bags since DH is an obstacle) . However, I do agree that it's nice to reward ourselves with luxury bags, and how much you spend depends on individual capabilities.

    I think I'm rambling now, so I'll shut it.